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Congratulations to our Alumnus and Adjunct Professor Victor Allen!

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Please congratulate our adjunct faculty member, Victor Allen (w/co-author Ron May) – on his new book:

Project Management for Experienced Project Managers

See links to his recently published book and the companion web site: which hosts various project management tools.  Direct links to his book are also at:

Amazon Book Link

Barnes and Noble

Victor has been teaching adjunct for our COM for over 20 years.  He has more than 30 years of experience as a project or program manager.  He has spent most of these year with DTE.  For those of you newer to our COM – his extensive experience in both IT and Project Management.  He has extensive experience leading, managing, and designing projects of all size that are mission critical to his organization.

He truly embodies our “theory and practice” model with our students.  We are fortunate to have him!

Congratulations Victor!

LTU Alumnus named Business Dean at Mary Baldwin College

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Congratulations to LTU alumnus, Joseph R. Sprangel Jr., on his new position at Mary Baldwin College as Dean of the College of Business and Professional Studies.

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Mr. David Broome (MSIS ’96) – Presents to MBA 6073 Global Strategic Management For Alumni Week

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David BroomeClass Picture

On 18 Mar, 2014 students from the Global Strategic Management class under the direction of Dr. Shahram Taj were provided the opportunity to hear a presentation from Mr. David Broome, an executive with DTE Energy. As part of “Alumni Week” Mr. Broome not only shared his experiences from his impressive list of credentials, but provided the class an in depth look at a real world strategic focus from which to reflect.

I was thoroughly impressed with both the presentation and the presenter as Mr. Broome walked the students through a top level overview of the company’s strategic vision, all the way to the various divisions that make up DTE. I sincerely appreciate the presenter’s willingness to share his knowledge and experiences as well as his ability field some tough questions at the conclusion. The experience was extremely worthwhile, and it is my hope that the college of management will continue to pursue relationships with industry leaders to inspire the next generation of management professionals.

Martin Monte (BSET ’98, MBA ’11) Presents to MBA Students for Alumni Week

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Strategic Global Management group photo

Alumni Week at Lawrence Technological University was fulfilling for MBA students in Dr. Shahram Taj’s Global Strategic Management class.   On Monday, March 17th, students in the class, most which will be graduating with their MBA’s in May of this year, had the pleasure of receiving a presentation from Martin Monte who is the Engineering Group Manager in the Body Test Laboratory at General Motors North America.  Monte, who attended LTU for both undergraduate and graduate school, told the students how valuable his LTU education has been during his 29-year stint at General Motors.

Monte received his Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering Technology in 1998 and returned to school seven years later, right in the middle of his General Motors career, to obtain his Master’s in Business Administration, which he received in 2011.  During Monday’s presentation, Monte told the MBA students how he has been using his MBA education at his job at GM.  He said that he uses knowledge in the fields of global leadership, global strategic management, management controls and human resources management.  In addition, he uses skills that he developed, as it relates to change management, management information systems and the design and implementation of new products, processes and systems.

Monte not only told the students that his worthwhile MBA degree is being put to use at GM, but he also told students a little about the GM’s global and regional strategies, enabling the students to appreciate and understand how global strategic management is being implemented at GM.   The presentation was very helpful to the students.  One student, Daphne Joachim, was very interested in Monte’s advice for those engineers who also have an MBA.   According to Joachim, “Marty was a Godsend to our class. He’s an engineer with an MBA and I’m an engineer about to complete my MBA.  He gave me advice on crafting my approach to employers and how to show them where my background could be useful.   I’m happy to say he’s a permanent addition to my Linked-In network now.”

Monte’s presentation not only helped the students understand how valuable his MBA education is, and how he is putting it to use at GM, but he also helped the students understand the value of getting that MBA from LTU.   The presentation was an informative and worthwhile example of how an LTU MBA graduate is using his MBA education in an exciting and rewarding career.  In addition, the presentation also helped students understand how a global company like GM is applying the lessons they have learned in Dr. Taj’s Strategic Global Management class.

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