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Welcome 2014-2015 SSCF Fellows

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On Monday, July 28, 2014, the newest cohort of the Senior Service College Fellowship (SSCF) program were welcomed to Lawrence Tech. The 2014-2015 fellows are Karen Arnold, Alfredo Avila, Ray Folden, Gloria Harper, Gerardo Sotomayor-Morales, Jim Muldoon, and Mary Trimbell.


The Senior Service College Fellowship program (SSCF) was developed by the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) as a result of a critical need for civilian leaders in acquisition for the Army. As a result of this need, a strategic partnership was formed between DAU, Lawrence Technological University and TACOM LCMC as a regional program in the Detroit area.

SSCF is a competitive, intensive 10-month educational program that provides leadership and acquisition training for GS-14s GS-15s civilians for future senior leadership roles such as Program Managers, Product Managers, Program Executive Officers, and other key senior acquisition positions.  In the Midwest region, Lawrence Technological University was chosen from a number of leading colleges and universities to develop and deliver this academic portion of the program. The program began in July of 2007 and contains core elements of global leadership, research, program management, acquisition and national security. It includes interaction with government and industry through on-site visits, guest speakers, workshops and mentors.

After completing the program, fellows receive a Masters degree in Global Leadership and Management and certificates in acquisition and program management.


Welcome to our newest fellows!

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