Novatis Group Case Study Comes to Life for LTU MBA Students

By Sheila ThomasComments Off on Novatis Group Case Study Comes to Life for LTU MBA Students

On Monday, February 10th, 2014, under the professorship of Dr. Shahram Taj, several  Lawrence Technological University  (LTU) students presented the Novatis Group,  A Moroccan diaper and hygienic paper products manufacturer, for a case study assignment [Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, 2012] for their Global Strategic Management Class (MBA 6073).  A welcome addition to their case study, was the presence of the Novatis Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, Souheil  Badaa, who listened and watched, via videoconferencing, as two groups of students presented their findings and recommendations.

The students were assigned to read a case study on the Novatis Group, which honed in on their Dalaa brand of disposable baby diapers.  The case study had students applying what they learned in the class and using their critical thinking skills to analyze the case, in order to present their findings and recommendations for the Novatis Group’s diaper products.

Dr. Taj, Professor of Business Administration at LTU crossed paths with Badaa when Badaa was an MBA student at the University of St. Thomas, where Taj was teaching.  In 2011, they both facilitated a group of students to go to Badaa’s native Morocco in order to conduct the live case study.

Badaa, who was a welcome guest during the February 10th presentations, provided the class with an overview of his background, some information on the Novatis Group, and his thoughts about studying business in the United States.   After he talked, students delved right into their presentations.   Students then had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear from someone who is an integral part of the company that they studied, as Badaa gave positive and constructive feedback to their presentations.

One student, Daphne Joachim, was on a team of students who suggested that the company take part in the disposal of the diapers in an effort to become more sustainable.   Joachim thought that the opportunity to make recommendations to the Chief Marketing Officer of the company that she and her team studied, was an amazing one.  “This case presentation to a company’s executive – it was like having my first consulting job,” said Joachim.  “Making the presentation to Mr. Souheil  Badaa made me feel  heard and valued,”  she continued.   “I’m proud of the recommendations we made regarding managing the disposal of diapers in Morocco.  Even if it can’t be implemented right away, we’ve planted a seed.”

The Global Strategic Management class is the last class that MBA candidates have to take in order to receive their degree.   Dr. Taj teaches two different sessions of the class, on Mondays and Tuesdays, at LTU.

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