Intellectual Property Law: Special Topics Course This Summer

By Karen Evans1,720 Comments

I am looking forward to teaching a special topics course this summer on the topic I personally find most special — intellectual property!

Here is the course description: Examination of foundations of intellectual property laws and types of intellectual property. Analysis of IP business strategies including enforcement, licensing and competitive strategy. Includes global protection and enforcement, and technology transfer in academia.

It’s not just lawyers who need to understand IP law. IP protection is a big part of a business’ strategy. We have witnessed instances where, even after a company folds, its IP remains a very valuable asset. For example, the Sharper Image trademark was purchased for $65  million even after the company itself ceased to exist. Understanding what IP is (and what it isn’t!), how it can be protected and its value to a business is a skillset valuable to all business professionals.

If you’re interested, some of the first readings (related to the background of IP law) are here and here.


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