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It is with words as with sunbeams.  The more they are condensed, the deeper they burn.”  ~ Robert Southey

What if you only had 5 minutes, and 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds, to put an idea out there into the world? 300 seconds to educate, intrigue or inspire. What would you say?

15  diverse folks took the stage at Motor City Casino’s Sound Board theater on May 25 to answer this call.  There were educational moments, love letters to Detroit, ideas for fixing Detroit, moments of laughter, and some eye-openers.  The audience was engaged and buzzing with discussion and ideas at the end of the night.

Of relevance to this audience, the talks included how Sherlock Holmes stories can apply to social media (brought to us by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle devotee and head of social media at Ford Motor Company, Scott Monty), how a car-free discount system can benefit Detroit and the region (from Spaulding Court project lead Jon Koller), why everyone should write a book (presented by up-and-coming author Andrew Heaton) and the phenomenon of genericide — what happens when a famous brand becomes a generic word (think Kleenex as a synonym for any brand of tissue)(this talk was from yours truly).

The night was an amazing experience. (Maybe second only to a week in Belgium) Those 15 seconds go fast (or really slow if you haven’t planned your slide deck properly!) and your audience is tweeting throughout, with their commentary showing up on a screen to your left that you can’t see until your time is up.

Watch here for a follow-up post in the works on 5 Lessons Learned from Ignite Detroit. I will also be posting the talk videos as they become available. For now, check out the full list below, and, if you’re a Twitter user, give @MotorCityCasino a follow for donating the venue and (delicious!) food so that all proceeds from the event could be used to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Detroit.

Full Ignite Detroit 3 List:

1. The perils of imaginary lines (Charlie Wollborg)
2. Extra Pair of Underpants: Leadership Inside Out (Michelle Pallas)
3. Carfree Discounts – A Detroit Solution (Jon Koller)
4. Everyone Should Write a Book (Andrew Heaton)
5. Gurus are for people who drink wheatgrass or live in LA. (Jordan Miller)

6. Growing beards and finding new faces. (Jeff Chelf)
7. Raising Girls Stinks (Nathan Hughes)
8. What Sherlock Holmes Taught Me About Social Media (Scott Monty)
9. Producer/FIGMENT Detroit (Danielle Kaltz)
10. How Excellence Killed Detroit (Brian Mulloy)

11. Death by Branding: How Genericide Killed Aspirin, Why Kleenex is Hanging On, and Why Google is Invincible (Karen Evans)
12. Bromance: Understanding male homosocial relationships in the 21st century (Norm Witte III)
13. Control Freaks Need Not Apply (Aaron Petras)
14. Getting into Detroit (Lincoln Russell)
15. You Should Totally Make a Game (Bob Baffy)

If you only had 5 minutes, what idea would you put out into the universe?

Dr. Karen Evans, JD. Director of Undergraduate Management Programs, Intellectual Property Geek, Entrepreneurship Advocate, and Improv Participant.


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