WAIC 2012 Ghent, Belgium

By Anne Kohnke1,755 Comments

Our workshop started with the findings from the original study of Appreciative Leaders and transitioned to a shared inquiry and dialogue of current appreciative leaders to include the capabilities required to lead from a strengths-based perspective to create positive change.  We had close to 100 participants from several countries that shared their ideas about what makes an appreciative leader from a social constructionist viewpoint.

This is a continuation of a longitudinal study of appreciative leaders that was originally started by Dr. Marge Schiller in 1999 and presented in 2001 at the 1st World Appreciative Inquiry Conference in Boston, MA.  It is a decade later and we are working with Dr. Schiller and collecting additional data that will be analyzed and compared to the original model of appreciative leadership to understand the meaning, characteristics, and actions of appreciative leaders from a variety of cultures and locations around the world.

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