World Appreciate Inquiry Conference, Ghent Belgium

By Anne Kohnke2,056 Comments

Today AI is challenged enormously to contribute to a wider societal application.  Questions and issues in our complex and interconnected society are in essence interdependent: they can no longer be resolved from a single perspective.  To meet the challenges of today, we must find other ways to grow ourselves, to develop the organizations we work in, as well as the communities we live in.  We should excel in the way we connect, learn, collaborate and merge our strengths.  The generative power of AI will lead to sustainable breakthroughs by establishing strong and interconnected relationships with multiple actors.

This conference is focusing on scaling-up the generative power of AI and kicked-off with an opening keynote speaker: David Cooperrider, a co-originator of Appreciative Inquiry.  He kicked off the conference with a wonderful 25 year history of Appreciative Inquiry and its most innovative applications of the way AI has changed our view on change and development.  It shifted our attention from the world of people and organizations as ‘problems-to-be-solved,’ to the world as a ‘connection of people and their strengths.’

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