Disney Training to Better Serve Our Students

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By Donna Kress, Assistant to the Dean, Office Manager, College of Management

In the College of Management, a core value of ours for many years has been to provide the best student service and advising that we can through our SRM/Student Relationship Management team and administrative staff.  Consisting of Amanda Falkenbury, Mina Jena, Sally Erwin, Lori Remlinger, Patty Riney, and myself, we are dedicated to meeting our students’ needs no matter the situation.

As any great organization knows, maintaining high quality requires continuous improvements.  Our desire to take our customer service to the next level brought us to the Disney Institute (www.disneyinstitute.com/).  Along with many of our LTU colleagues, Mina, Lori and I attended a Disney customer service training session yesterday which helped us to think of better ways to service our students, our faculty, and the University.

The Disney emphasis is on exceeding our students’ expectations by paying attention to the details.  We feel that by working efficiently and simplifying things, both for our faculty and with the registration process and schedule planning, our students will have an easier and better academic experience.  By streamlining our administrative processes, we can better foresee the challenges and problems our students may face when they are just starting out on campus, or are re-acclimating themselves into an academic environment after being in the workforce for many years.

By defining our purpose – helping our students receive a quality education by providing outstanding faculty and sufficient academic rigor, they can realize their potential and achieve their dreams by earning their college degree.  And by consistently promoting a culture of student focused service, this will help the College of Management achieve the hallmark of quality service.

Disney emphasized NOT going the extra mile – but going the extra inch.  It’s the details – the little things that you can and should do – that make all the difference.  We plan to build on this philosophy in the College of Management in order to give our students the best academic experience possible.  They’re worth it.

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