Student presents research at AAS Meeting

LTU student Nick Paul presented his research this Wednesday at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Washington, DC. A computer science student he developed and used computational methods to create a catalog of millions of galaxies with their morphology and estimated velocity (through photometric redshift). it is the largest catalog of its kind. In addition to his work on astronomy, he also takes part in the development of the autonomous vehicle.

Psychology CRE final presentation

December 12th, finals week of the fall semester, students and CRE faculty got together for the final presentation of sensation and perception. The research topic chosen by the students was the implicit racial and gender bias. By creating virtual characters they attempted to perform a novel experiment using virtual reality, and after falling a bit short of the ambitious goal they did the experiments using electronic measurement of skin activity to quantify the responses of their subjects when touched by men and women of different races.



First student teaching assistantships were selected

Thanks to the grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute we can fund teaching assistantships for students to help faculty develop new CRE modules or strengthen existing CRE modules. Only CRE faculty members are eligible to apply for these teaching assistantships, and their proposals are submitted and reviewed by our teaching assistantship committee.

The committee includes CRE members Shannon Timmons (chair), Na Yu, and Dan Shargel. That committee determined the procedure and terms for applying for these assistantships, prepared forms and formats expected from the applicants, in addition to determining the academic and technical (e.g., deadline) requirements. The committee reviewed all proposals, and decided what proposals to fund. Here are the list of projects funded in our first round of application, for the Spring semester of 2018.


Here is the list of awardees:

1) Melinda Weinstein, “What is Color”, High School Outreach, $500 Awarded ($500 Requested).

2) Vivian Kao, “Bridging the Divide: Investigating Best Practices for Teaching First-Year Composition at the STEM University”, College Composition (Honors) CRE Modification, $1,000 Awarded ($1,500 Requested).

3) Hsiao-Ping Moore, Julie Zwiesler-Vollick, and Fauzia Siddiq, “An Investigation of Chemotaxis in C. elegans“, Biology 2 Lab CRE Modification, $1,000 Awarded ($1,500 Requested).

4) Julie Zwiesler-Vollick, “Salt of the Earth – An Investigation of Halotolerance in the Soil Microbiome”, Microbiology Lab Modification, $1,000 Awarded ($1,500 Requested).

5) Meng Zhou, “Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Activities of Nanoparticle Catalysts”, Advanced Synthesis Lab Modification, $1,000 Awarded ($1,500 Requested).

6) Michael Dabkowski, “Nonlinear and Nonlocal Ordinary Differential Equations: Theory and Practice”, Differential Equations Modification, $1,000 Awarded ($1,500 Requested).

7) Na Yu, “Applying Linear Algebra to Process Digital Images”, Linear Algebra Modification, $1,000 Awarded ($1,500 Requested).



STEM+Art goes to Manoogian High School

11/10/2017, Dr. Melinda Weinstein takes her STEM+Art to another high school, this time Manoogian High School right here in Southfield. A pioneer of bringing quantitative art research into freshman level courses, Dr. Weinstein created a new form of that activity to bring it to the level of high school students. Such activities need to be done within a much shorter time compared to a course taken at a university. Her work makes the connections between science and art, and she is often accompanied by some of our science students (computer science, chemistry).

The engagement was great, and a lot of fun for the students!

Next visits at Manoogian are planned for November 13, November 20th, November 27, and November 29.

First part-time faculty to teach CRE courses

Ashley Beyer and Luger Brinker will be our first part-time faculty to teach CRE courses, which will happen in the Spring 2018 semester. After a period of training by Melinda Weinstein they will teach the course World Masterpieces 1, in which they will integrate the research module for art history quantitative analysis. Initially developed as part of the TIDES initiative, that CRE module has been taught for seven semesters.


LTU Basketball joins “NBA and Mathematics” at Sampson-Webber Academy in Detroit

11/2/2017, Today Dr. Sibrina Collins and LTU Men’s Basketball players Derek Seidl, Lucas Vojak and Alek Ivanovic, as well as Brooke Franklin from Advancement joined the NBA and Mathematics Workshop at Sampson-Webber Leadership Academy in Detroit. LTU sophomore George Terrell led the activities, and our basketball team players assisted the high school students and served as the judges for the posters. Thank you everyone who took part, and thank you Coach Pickens for the support!

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Busy days for the CRE community

October 26 and October 27 were two busy days for our community. Dr. Melinda Weinstein and LTU students went over to Denby High School in Detroit to lead an art+STEM workshop, while Dr. Sibrina Collins went with LTU students to Sampson Webber K-8 school, also in Detroit to lead a Math+Sport activities for the sixth to eight graders. Meanwhile, here at LTU Dr. CJ Chung and his LTU students and volunteers ran another successful programming + dance activities for the Detroit University Prep high school. Big thank you for all the faculty, students, and volunteers who took part!