Under Pressure

In collaboration with mechanical engineers at University of Detroit Mercy and the Veterans Affairs Hospital, our group is trying to build a wheelchair seat cushion that will help heal and prevent pressure ulcer formation. There are a lot of current treatment options and preventative measures to try and reduce the frequency of pressure ulcers, however the VA still says that pressure ulcers are a main concern of theirs. The seat cushion we are designing will not only prevent high pressure loads to susceptible areas of the body, but will also help recirculate blood to the injury sites to allow for proper care of pressure ulcers. This seat cushion will allow the patient to not need a caregiver to assist in re-positioning or stretching related to pressure ulcers, resulting in the patient being able to be more independent. Our design includes remote control and pressure control settings.

IMG_2077 IMG_2090 IMG_2175

Final Design of Under Pressure Pad

Click on the links below to learn about the research and design process team Under Pressure went through to reach this final prototype

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