Project II

Wheelchair AccessiblePortable Shower

Squeaky Klean Wheelchair Accessible Portable Shower design is a flexible solution to accommodate a bathroom renovation. The design focuses on providing the client with privacy and independence. The materials chosen for the design concept are low in cost, which is a lower cost more affordable compare to remodeling and retrofitting a bathroom. The shower is design to be connected by one healthy person; however, once it connected it will be solid for use and the user could use it independently in which he could get in and out the shower and turn on/off the water without an assistance. The shower is portable, so if the user wants to move it can be reconnected. The shower includes shelves for personal use and water temperature reader, sensor, and the shower wand color changes as the temperature changes as well. It also include a pump that could be turn on/off by user once its connected to electricity source. The pump is used to drain the water to the same water source via a hose that is connected to the same water source, which ideally is sink.



Image#1: CAD drawing of the final prototype


Image#2: Final design assembly


Final presentation

Final report

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