Ligament Repair

Ligaments and tendons primary function are that of a connective tissue capable of resisting large tensile forces. However, too much stress on the ligaments or tendons can result in catastrophic tears or ruptures. When this happens, the tendons and ligaments can no longer perform their primary function of connecting bone to bone or muscle to bone. This can result in in symptoms such as reduced stability or inability to fully use a certain muscle. Other symptoms could be muscle atrophy, or loss in muscle mass. The current solutions can be divided into 2 groups: surgical and non-surgical. The surgical group includes suturing and grafting. Non-surgical approaches include icing, pharmaceuticals, and physical therapy. These current solutions have their limitations, therefore we designed a scaffold out of collagen which mimics the hierarchical structure of natural ligaments and tendons. The scaffold has an SDF-1 infused alginate coating which will release over time to recruit stem cells to the scaffold for new ligament/tendon tissue growth.


SDF Release

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