Get a Grip

Team ‘Get a Grip’ is part of the LTU/UDM collaboration projects. Lawrence Technological University students and University of Detroit Mercy students were paired with a veteran from the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital to develop a device to improve the client’s life.  The team consists of two Biomedical Engineers from LTU, three mechanical engineers from UDM and two nurses from UDM.  Get a Grips’ client has trouble grasping and picking up objects due to an incomplete spinal cord injury from rheumatoid arthritis. In order to pick up an object such as a cell phone the client must push the object off the table until the object falls into his other hand. Therefore, our team decided to create a device that would resemble a glove to assist the client in grasping objects. The device would essentially help the patient get a firm grip to the desired object. This would be achieved by increasing the grasp of the object by using rubber-like gloves, which would be connected to the fingers and pulled by sheath-encased wires, which will also be attached to a motor stored in a slim backpack. The whole device would be controlled by a Myo armband, a device that uses electrical patterns of the muscle and translate them to commands, which will be received by a Raspberry Pi or microprocessor in charge of telling the motor when to pull and when to push.


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