Hybrid SAE

SAE Formula Hybrid Competion

For those who are unaware, formula hybrid is an international, intercollegiate competition where students spend time all year building and refining a car that runs off of both gas and electricity. The competition began back in 2006 by Dartmouth College and is held every year at the New Hampshire International speedway.  In the past couple of years, Lawrence Tech has placed 2nd overall which is quite a feat. To place this well, there are a series of events that the team has to do well in which include both a set of dynamic events and the design portion of the event.

Our Project

The goal of this project is to find ways to increase the safety of the driver while also trying to decrease the fatigue on the driver while they race. To do this, there are several things that we are planning on doing. The first of which is changing the seat itself since last year there was no seat in the car at all. This change in the seat will allow the driver to be securely in place while also reducing the amount that they get roughed up during the drive. After the seat is done, we plan to work with a neck brace to see if we can decrease the force that they feel during crashes while also helping to support their heads.

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