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scratches_PNG6173Lawrence Technological University Biomedical Engineering student along with University of Detroit Mercy Mechanical Engineering students and nursing students collaborated in a senior design project to help meet a need of a client given to us by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Our client has a bruise to his C3-C4 vertebrae which left him with limited mobility. Our goal was to design, fabricate and test a exercise machine for our client to improve his muscle strength. Through many designs and concepts we established our goal for our client and met all of his needs.

BASE Raptor 2K15 Final Design   Gear Box design.JPG Gears

                         Raptor 2K15 Frame                         Raptor 2K15 Gear Box


After speaking with the occupational therapist it became apparent that effort should be focused elsewhere.  The ability to control one’s hands is important but there are many devices available to make it easier for people with reduced hand function to accomplish many tasks.  But, if a person is unable to position their hands they are still unable to utilize such devices.  Therefore, our focus has changed to recuperating musculature in a more general sense. The most important parameter was to target the upper-body. One major goal of our client was to gain independence in performing daily tasks. These tasks include brushing teeth, shaving, as well as feeding himself. In order to complete those tasks the upper body needs improved strength and mobility. We decided to concentrate on the major muscle groups of the upper-body: deltoids, biceps, triceps, trapezius, and pectoralis.


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Raptor 2K15

Raptor 2K15 Final Presentation

Raptor 2K15 Midterm Report

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