Raptor 2K15

Bike Raptor: Upper Body Exercise Machine

Team Bike Raptor is a collaboration project between LTU and University of Detroit-Mercy (UDM) and the group is comprised of 3 B.M.E. students, 3 M.E. students, and 3 nursing students. Our main goal is to design and fabricate a working device for our client who was in an automobile accident. He sustained a spinal cord injury (SCI). He suffered a spinal contusion to the C3-C4 vertebrae and this has left him with incomplete tetraplegia. His limb mobility varies, but since it is a contusion, which is a bruise, and not completely severed his nerves are starting to regenerate. For the scope of this project, our mission is to create a functioning exercise device suitable for our client’s upper body rehabilitation. This exercise machine is designed to help strengthen his muscles and increase range of motion.


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