Projects 1

Our group was assembled off common interests of mechanical testing/computer simulation and building a physical product through proof of concepts.  Gordon Maniere, CEO of Advanced Amputee Solutions LLC and licensed prosthetist, came to pitched his idea of a new implant to our class to help begin the process of bringing his product to the market.

Idea Presentation

At the midpoint of the semester, our group gave a presentation based on the idea we planned on using for our senior design project.  This presentation was designed for students and faculty to provide feedback on the feasibility and outcomes of the project.

Project Description

Idea Presentation

Final Report & Presentation

The last portion of the semester in Projects 1 was to finalize the design parameters as well as a schedule for the following semester.  A detailed report including problem statements, solutions, research methods, future directions, anticipated challenges, etc. was written to describe our work throughout the semester.  In addition,  a final presentation was given to the faculty and students that encompassed this work and the current progress we have made to this point.

Final Report

Final Presentation

Project Timeline

The following is a project timeline for the Spring semester of Projects 2.

Projects 2 Projected Schedule


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