Meeting Minutes


  • Discussed project direction for the new semester
  • IRB has not been approved
  • Akram will email IRB board to see get an update
  • Discussed protocol development for what trials we will have subjects preform
  • What ways will we manipulate data?
  • Lindsay will look at what variables to analyze once we capture data
  • We will test on ourselves this week to see what type of data we can get



  • Tested DELSYS with Lindsay as a subject
  • Used 6 sensors and ran a few trials
  • Walked for 60 seconds
  • Treadmill 60 seconds
  • Climbing stairs
  • Issue we faced: EMG and accelerometer data is not synced to gather at the same time points



  • Protocol has been decided
  • We will be conducting a walking study
  • Participants will walk for 150 seconds on level surface
  • Normal walk
  • Two trials each
  • Other factors such as stairs and sitting will give us too much data to analyze for the short time we have



  • Need to figure out what reason we are choosing sensor placement site
  • Literature seems to favor sensors on torso
  • Before conducting trials, we must ensure sensor placement is the same in all trials
  • For analysis: Check moving averages
  • There are hints that this project will likely focus more research based



  • Sensor placement has been chosen
  • Two sensors on torso, to match literature (matching the center of mass)
  • Two sensors on lower leg to get good EMG data



  • spring break meeting
  • Discussed progress
  • Patients are coming in tomorrow to run trials
  • Lindsay has some preliminary code in MATLAB



  • Testing with patients
  • Two individuals
  • Conducted two walking trials of 150 seconds each
  • Preliminary data from MATLAB suggests data from accelerometer is good
  • Akram will look at using ‘sptool’ command for EMG analysis



  • More trials are to be conducted tomorrow
  • It is very important that the sensors are placed securely on the skin to get good EMG data
  • Variation in placement does not provide accurate readings.



  • Code issues: counting steps between individuals 
  • Look at standard deviation between individuals (older and younger)
  • Discussed possibly studying individuals susceptibility to falling



  • Met with Dr. Alsamari to discuss the feasability of including a microprocessor
  • With current time constraints, this will be a possible future direction for the project



  • Poster presentation setup 
  • Discussed what specific values and data will be put on the poster
  • Will work on specific parts individually and combine it all over the weekend



  • Create the final presentation 
  • Separate slides evenly
  • practice, practice, practice!



  • Assemble the final report
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