Edema Sensor

Currently, medical professionals can only visually test to see if a patient has edema by compression of the swollen area.  When it is apparent that there is swelling, doctors will take a patient’s weight into account to determine how much is rapidly gained or lost due to water retention. With the new, proposed continuous monitoring system for edema measurement, physicians and their medical team can get a better idea of the chronology and severity of the disorder causing the swelling. This would give medical professionals better means to prescribe accurate medication dosages for the treatment of fluid retention.

Bioimpedance analysis is the proposed method for developing a continuous edema monitor.  This involves placing two skin contact electrodes at the ankle region and measuring the impedance between them using an impedance analyzer.  The mean change in these values over time will indicate swelling symptoms in affected patients.  This test will be used in conjunction with measuring body composition with an electronic BMI scale.


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