Team Members, Advisors and Collaborators

The Ligament Tissue Engineering Surface Team (LTE Surface) works closely with the LTE Sscaffold Team (Tagged ‘PCL fiber braiding’ on the website’s 2012-2013 tab), though a definitive line of separation between the groups’ focuses is diligently maintained. Our core team consists of three members:

website bio photoEmily Boggs

Emily Boggs is a fourth year student at Lawrence Tech and member of the Alpha Eta Mu Beta National Biomedical Engineering Honor Society.  Over the summer, she learned to culture human cells at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, a skill that has become essential in the course of this senior project.  Since then, Emily has developed an interest in cell work that extends to the field of tissue engineering; she plans to have a career in this burgeoning field after graduate school.



1Manan Patel

Manan Patel is a senior in Lawrence Technological University’s Biomedical Engineering Program. His interests lie in the chemical engineering sub-field of biomedical engineering. His advanced electives include BioSurface Chemistry, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology and directed study involving Hydrodynamic Focusing. In the summer of 2012, his research for LTE team focused on surface modification of electrospun Polycaprolactone nanofibers to improve the cell-fiber interactions. He plans to gain experience in the field before pursuing masters in Biomedical Engineering.





photoAhmad Arabi


Ahmad Arabi is a dual major in Lawrence Technological University’s Biomedical Engineering Program and Molecular & Cellular Biology Program. He is currently a clinical research assistant in the Crittenton Hospital Medical Center Cath Lab. His advanced electives include Orthopedics, Nanotechnology, Anatomy and Physiology, Genetics, Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems, Cell Biology, and Tissue Engineering.





The team’s Advisors are both heavily involved members of the LTE research project:

Dr. Yawen Li is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at LTU and the team’s faculty adviser. She supports both LTE teams academically, technically, and financially – which we are eternally grateful for being college seniors with relatively no spare cash to spend on intensely expensive bio-assay and surface modification materials. Dr. Li’s knowledge of materials science, transport phenomena, and cellular bioengineering are a direct factor in the team’s success in developing a successful and meaningful project.

Dr. Julie Zwiesler-Vollick is an Assistant Professor in the department of Natural Sciences at LTU. She is our Technical Advisor and assists us with handling the more complex issues related to cellular bio-compatibility and assay techniques, and provides the group with materials needed for the project.

The team would also like to thank our collaborators:

Dean Hsiao-Ping Moore from Lawrence Technological University’s Arts & Sciences Program, who provides us with access to the cell culture laboratory and equipment.

Sam Tuck & Dr. Joseph Corey from the University of Michigan Neuroscience Laboratory, who provide us with the nanofibers we use to conduct our experiments.

Dr. Kevin Baker, the director of Beaumont’s Ortho Lab and an adjunct professor at Lawrence Technological University and Tristan Maerz, the originator of the LTE research project and he has served as the primary technical adviser for the last three years. He is the director of sports medicine research at Beaumont Hospital’s Orthopedic Research Laboratory.

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