Shoe Insert

TRAINING HEEL INSERT:  Forefoot running transition aid

Statistics have shown that 30% of runners are subject to injury every year, many of which are sustained in the foot or lower leg. Running can be the most injurious at the time of contact between the foot and the ground. In the short time the foot is in contact with the ground, reaction forces of 1.5 – 3.0 times the body weight can be observed acting on the foot [8]. When the heel makes contact with the ground first (heel strike) the full extent of the force is experienced almost instantaneously upon collision. This high rate of loading due to heel striking can lead to many lower leg and injuries. The purpose of this project is to develop a training heel insert that will discourage heel striking and properly train the runner to land with their forefoot (forefoot strike) or mid foot (mid foot strike), which is proven to reduce collision forces and eliminate the instantaneous impact force.


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