PCL Fiber Braiding

Novel Design of a Three-Dimensional Biomimetic Nanofiber Scaffold:
Applications in Ligament Tissue Engineering
John Schoenbeck*, Chris Lach*, Reem Daher-Nahhas*
Advisors: Tristan Maerz**, Dr. Yawen Li*
BME 4022 – Projects II – Dr. Mansoor Nasir*, Spring 2013 Final Thesis
*Lawrence Technological University Biomedical Engineering Program
**Orthopedic Research Laboratories, Beaumont Health SystemsBraided Fiber
Abstract: The anterior cruciate ligament of the knee is a commonly injured tissue in young athletes. These injuries are strongly correlated to the latent onset of osteoarthritis, and total joint replacements are not an ideal solution for non-senior patients. Surgical reconstruction of this ligament using autologous tendon grafts have been largely successful, but are limited by differences between tendon and ligament tissues and a high degree of harvest-site morbidity. Tissue engineering has the potential to eliminate these limitations, and a biomimetic design philosophy greatly enhances cellular synthesis of an extracellular matrix. Current literature is hindered by incongruities between publications that make comparisons to novel designs challenging. In this research, a second-order triple helix design that mimics the hierarchal structure of ligament matrices was made from electrospun poly(ε-caprolactone) and characterized using a novel set of protocols that quickly characterize the scaffold’s structure, mechanical properties, and cellular biocompatibility with human fibroblasts. Experimental results determine that this design is consistent and repeatable; and accurately mimics the architecture and mechanical properties of the native tissue. Biocompatibility results show positive outcomes, but have some non-ideal qualities that will be adjusted to improve the separations of the sample data from controls.

Final Report (For a complete thesis including this paper and all below sections with samples of raw data please e-mail jschoenbe@ltu.edu)


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