Timeline & Tasks


September – December

  • Gather background information
  • Design Experiment
  • Create budget
  • Create timeline
  • Draft induced degradation & surgery protocol
  • Draft CT scanning protocol
  • Draft histology protocol
  • Draft MATLAB design parameters
  • Compose project proposal report


  • Perform fist optimization study to determine optimal incubation time and contrast agent concentration
  • Write rudimentary MATLAB code for data analysis
  • Analyze results from first optimization study


  • Perform second optimization study to establish repeatability
  • Analyze results from second optimization study
  • Create disc digestion protocol


  • Perform digestion study
  • Analyze results from digestion study
  • Obtain IACUC approval
  • Perform degradation surgery in rabbits
  • Create a Graphical User Interface for data analysis


  • Excise and scan 3 week discs
  • Analyze CT results
  • Finalize Graphical User Interface
  • Create and present poster

To Be Completed:


  • Obtain and analyze histology results
  • Create manuscript


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