The major complications we have encountered have concerned the approval of our protocol through the Beaumont IACUC. Due to unforeseen administrative roadblocks beyond the control of us and our collaborators at Beaumont, there have been severe delays in getting our protocol approved. We were able to get transferred to a new vet and have gotten comments back and should be in line to have the protocol approved by 3/7/2013 and order the rabbits by 3/11/2013. To compensate for this time delay, we have worked with Tristan to develop a zero time point chondroitinase digestion correlation section.

Since this was our first experience with higher level image analysis coding using MATLAB, we had to fight through some difficulties writing our preliminary code as well. Tristan proved to be a valuable resource in helping us with some of our stickier MATLAB issues, particularly when the problem was that we were getting an error and did not understand why. Tristan also taught us some of the basic commands we would need to load and view our DICOM files. For the most part, however, we were able to figure out the functions we needed using the MATLAB help section and online forums.

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