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The Baja SAE competition is made up of both static and dynamic events. The static portion of the competition is composed of design, sales, and cost presentations. In the design presentation the team presents the design, validation, and testing of the vehicle to judges. The goal of the sales presentation is to “sell” the design of the vehicle to a company for production. The cost presentation is an audit of the cost of one subsystem. 

The dynamic events include suspension, maneuverability, acceleration, sled pull or hill climb, and a head to head endurance competition. The suspension event is a rigorous course designed to test the ability of the vehicles suspension. The maneuverability event is a small track with tight turns that teams must complete in as little time as possible while hitting as few cones as possible. The acceleration event test the vehicle's ability to accelerate from a dead stop over a set distance of either 100 or 150 feet.  The sled pull or hill climb is designed to test the vehicle's ability to either pull a sled of increasing weight as far as possible or drive up a steep hill as far as possible. 

The endurance event is a four hour head to head competition where each team attempts to complete as many laps as possible in the time frame.


2021 16th - Overall
7th - Maneuverability
9th - Suspension
23rd - Endurance
35th - Hill Climb
43rd - Acceleration
25th - Design Presentation
58th - Sales out of 153
2020 Chassis Completed
No Competition
2019 56th - Overall
56th - Endurance
21st - Suspension
45th - Sled Pull
57th - Maneuverability
33rd - Acceleration
75th - Sales
50th - Design
68th - Cost
2018 58th - Overall
59th - Endurance
65th - Suspension
41st - Hill Climb
46th - Maneuverability
30th - Acceleration
75th - Sales
37th - Design
70th - Cost
2017 63rd - Overall
60th - Endurance
61st - Suspension
38th - Hill Climb
n/a Maneuverability
51st - Acceleration
76th - Sales
31st - Design
45th - Cost
2016 78th - Overall
73rd - Endurance
68th - Suspension
57th - Hill Climb
N/A Maneuverability
49th - Acceleration
84th - Sales
78th - Design
75th - Cost
2015 55th - Overall
54th - Endurance
51st - Suspension
20th - Hill Climb
66th - Maneuverability
31st - Acceleration
54th - Sales
50th - Design
60th - Cost
2014 18th - Endurance
32nd - Overall


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