Media Service provides a variety of support to the university community.

Traditional Audio-Visual is an equipment delivery and tech support service that assists faculty, students and university administration with instructional classroom technologies and audio-visual presentations. Traditional Audio-Visual helps the presenter communicate to the audience through the aid of AV systems.

Here is a small list of AV equipment and support we provide:

Audio Reinforcement
    Computer Audio
    CD Playback
    DVD/Blu-ray Playback
    Sound System: Microphone, Amplifier, Mixer board, Loud speakers

Visual Projection  
    HDTV Monitor
    DVD/Blu-ray Playback
    Overhead for transparencies
    Slide Projector

Tech Support
    Multimedia rooms
    AV Operator (Videographer, Monitor Engineer etc.)

Audio Production is the process of recording, mixing, editing, and copying sound materials either in a studio or on-location. Video Production is the process of recording and editing video materials in a studio or on-location and provides titling, special effects, and digital file compression.

Media Services provides high quality industry standard audio and video production capabilities through our facilities and technical staff. Our team partners with producers and content creators across the university to support live events, seminars, conferences, and university lectures open to the public.

Under the auspices of the Office of the President, our team has worked closely with corporations and organizations such as Microsoft Corp., Delta Air Lines, Inc., JPMorgan Chase and PBS to provide a multi-camera, live switch, live stream feed to be viewed on their respective national networks and produce and ProRes 422 HQ content to corporate FTP sites, corporate VOD and local network cable stations servicing Southeastern Michigan. 

Our team has supported special events for state government such as the Congressional Hearing U.S. House of Representatives at LTU (audio production), Detroit Regional Chamber Health Care Leader Forum (video production), Governor Rick Snyder’s visit to LTU (video production/live stream), the 2018 Gubernatorial Ask the Candidates, and the 2018 Senatorial Debate (live switched feed for DPTV, Comcast & CSPAN). 

Our team also works with the Office of Student Engagement to provide audio production services and equipment for SODA, Song and Skit, Deepher Dude, Miss LTU Scholarship Pageant, Discovery Days/Welcome Week, Student Athletics Advisory Committee (SAAC) and Diwali to name a few. 

Lastly, Media Services works with Faculty and Staff to provide audio-visual production for conferences and lecture series, such as but not limited to, The Annual Walker L. Cisler Lecture, the Harold Hotelling Memorial Lecture, Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Conference (IEOM), Esports Michigan, WWJ Last Thursday Unwired, Executive to Executive Speaker Series and Distinguished Architecture Alumni Reception.

Media Services also works with Marketing and Public Affairs to provide technical support to upload LTU commercials onto Xfinity Get Local Channel reaching one million viewers. 

Post-production refers to the tasks that must be completed or executed after the filming or shooting ends. This includes tasks such as the editing of raw footage to cut scenes, insert transition effects, working with voice and sound actors, and dubbing, to name a few of the many pre-production tasks. Post-production is the third and final step in film creation.

A post-production example is the Master Folio Series project for the Dean of Architecture and Design, Glen LeRoy. Our team captured and edited raw footage of this multi-camera shoot of A. Alfred Taubman’s interview (Pioneering the Purchase: A Retrospective Exhibition Honoring A. Alfred Taubman), added music, lower thirds, motion graphics and animated still images. This project was prepared for live viewing for the College of Architecture and Design and the University community and is apart of the University of Michigan’s Deep Blue permanent accessible institutional repository.

Media Services offers high quality digital audio recording services, such as but not limited to, departmental advisory board meetings, executive board meetings, and voiceovers for university advertising and marketing commercials. Our team provides digital video recording lectures, seminars, conferences, performances and classroom presentations.

Streaming is a technology used to deliver content—usually audio and video to computers and mobile devices over the Internet. Streaming transmits data as a continuous flow, which allows the recipients to begin to watch or listen almost immediately.

Our team offers live-streaming of special events, administrative events, informational/instructional lectures, conferences, workshops, faculty/student events and executive meetings.

We have successfully live streamed Commencement Exercises on the LTU website, receiving 5,630 total views in 2018 reaching countries across six continents demonstrating a growing international audience.

Media Service offers disc duplication for non-copyright media and university-produced content. Our team will not copy any DVDs, CDs, VHS cassette tapes, audio cassettes etc. without a written release from the content creator.

The disc duplicator features a high volume, variable speed capability with M Disc support. It burns DVDs and CDs of all formats. 

Our office has worked closely with the Office of Admissions to produce 200 DVD discs for yearly recruitment purposes and a number of DVDs for the Office of Marketing and Public Affairs of the LTU Commencement Exercises for LTU Graduates.

Digital video can exist as any number of formats, using any number of settings. When a digital video file does not meet the specifications, or the file type is bad for the intended use, it must be converted to the proper format, using video encoder hardware or software. Our team handles transfers from analog media to digital media and up, down, cross and standards conversions for all formats and frame rates.

Media Services supports upgrades, designs and installations to multimedia facilities for the university. Our office provides and maintains AV needs and tech support to T429 Lear Auditorium, S100 Marburger Science Auditorium, T210 UTLC Gallery, A210 Architecture Gallery and the Don Ridler Fieldhouse.

Our team has constructed a mounting apparatus for a flat screen monitor install for the One Stop Center in the A. Alfred Taubman Student Services building, created a multimedia equipment rack and upgraded teacher workstation located in T217 for the Media Communications program, assembled and designed graphics for a network news desk donated by Fox 2 News for the Media Comm video production courses. Our team also assisted in the T429 Lear Auditorium upgrade.

We offer av consultation and design services for the university community.

Our team has provided oversight for the Marburger Science Auditorium renovation and upgrade and for the UTLC production studio.

Media Services provides a voice over service for instructional, advertising and administrational needs. IT Services has used this service to create an audio CD instructional for the Laptop Initiative. The College of Arts and Sciences Math and Computer Sciences department has used this service to create content for Academic Minute, a podcast series stationed in Albany, New York. Lastly, the Media Communication Program has used the facilities for broadcast journalism classes.