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Lawrence Technological University is pleased to announce that it will launch a two-year, master’s degree program in physician assistant studies in Fall 2022, pending achieving Accreditation- Provisional status (see Accreditation tab for details).

Please check back here often for program updates and additional information.

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The LTU Advantage

The majority of clinical rotations are within the Ascension Healthcare System, a nationally recognized and highly respected system (largest in the Nation and one of the largest employers in Michigan). Rotations are located in the greater Detroit and surrounding areas with preceptors committed to supporting the LTU Ascension partnership and vision. Your clinical experiences will be both outpatient and within the hospital setting and will be arranged entirely by LTU.

You will learn and master one of the most common electronic medical records (EMR) charting systems. You will have access throughout the program to refine your skills. In addition, you will graduate having the knowledge and abilities to utilize key technology in diagnosing and treating your patients.

A state of the art SIM lab will allow students to acquire procedural skills with the most advanced models, cadaver specimens and cutting edge equipment used in parallel with the medical students and other Ascension medical professionals. This includes a complete model OR with training provided by Ascension OR staff, diagnostic equipment for training including ultrasound and robotic surgery simulators, access to an impressive array of radiologic images from actual studies performed and extensive exposure and education on a wide range of diagnostic and procedures deemed vital to PA practice. Open lab hours are built into the structure of the PA program to practice and refine your skills.

LTU has implemented a student-first ideology with a focus on you. Your overall well-being and success is the driver behind our passion. The PA faculty at LTU is committed to your personal success and to providing the physical, mental and emotional support needed to assist you along the way. One of your PA professors will serve as your personal advisor and mentor throughout your journey at LTU and will guide you to other University resources should you need them.

One of the teaching methods employed in our program is the flipped classroom, where students are given the opportunity to preview key concepts in advance so that class time can be spent on problem-solving and in-depth exploration of the content. This approach significantly enhances learning as compared to a more traditional lecture-only approach and transforms the classroom into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where your professors can guide you in applying concepts and engaging creatively in the subject matter.

The LTU PA program focuses on patient-centered care. Compassion towards all patients across the lifespan is paramount to your success. A culture of humility will be present throughout, with a deep commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion of our patients, colleagues and community. You will learn to address barriers to providing optimal care related to personal bias, vulnerable and special populations. The ethical care of patients will be foundational to the program curriculum. The commitment to interprofessional collaboration will allow for a deeper understanding of the healthcare team which leads to better outcomes and more cost-effective and patient-centered care.

The newly-built, highly innovative, dedicated PA classroom and lab have been integrated with technology. Multiple areas in the program space have recording and playback capabilities to facilitate your learning. You will have access to the exam rooms throughout the week to hone your skills at your own pace. In addition, a dedicated break-room is available to allow you to rest, relax and refuel throughout the day.

The faculty have different areas of expertise which allows our program to provide you with distinct interdisciplinary experiences from the classroom to the lab. Instructors will collaborate and teach the core classes to best utilize their individual expertise and professional experience, giving you the best opportunity for understanding and success. Our instructors are passionate about providing you the best student experience possible. We provide multiple ways to engage with the faculty and our doors are always open. Your feedback is valuable to us and an essential component of our ongoing commitment to excellence.

LTU prides itself on honesty, integrity and transparency. We will make every effort to provide you with the expected expenses throughout the duration of the PA program. In addition, all accepted students will receive an internal scholarship that will help offset the cost.

LTU is so committed to decreasing the financial burden on every student accepted into the PA program that we have made every effort to reduce costs, utilize available resources and find creative cost saving solutions for all of our students. Students have access to an extensive e-Library through Ascension that allows them to utilize textbooks online without purchase whenever possible.

The average fees charged by other institutions in Michigan are over $10,900 for the two year program. Our tuition rate is not only competitive but includes the vast majority of fees within the tuition structure. This means lower out-of-pocket costs for you.

You have the unique opportunity to live on LTUs campus as a graduate student during your PA education if you choose. (Room and board are not included in the cost of tuition).

Lawrence Technological University is conveniently located, with easy access and ample free parking within steps of the program building. The building has secure access for PA students and faculty. Buildings, labs and classrooms are handicap-accessible throughout campus.

Our PA faculty team is committed to your success from beginning to end. If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to email ( One of our PA faculty will answer your questions.

Lawrence Technological University offers applicants a unique opportunity through rolling admissions. LTU will evaluate applications as they are submitted and contact those applicants who fulfill the vision, values and requirements set forth by LTU. Rolling admissions allows LTU to select applicants for the upcoming 2022 PA program throughout the 2021 year. LTU strongly encourages all applicants to apply as early as possible. Once all thirty spots have been filled, later applications will only be considered for the waitlist.



As a candidate for admission to the physician assistant program you must meet the following requirements:

  • A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution within the United States is required (see below for international applicant criteria) and
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is required to be considered for the physician assistant program. All prerequisite courses must be taken at regionally accredited institutions. No grade lower than a 3.0 will be accepted for prerequisite coursework. CLEP credits, AP credits and P/F credits will not be considered for prerequisites. Last 60 credit calculations will be considered if requested by the applicant who does not meet the 3.0 minimum requirement.

Special Considerations:

Applicants who meet all of the admission requirements, have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, and satisfy one or more of the categories listed below will be granted an interview:

  • LTU graduate
  • LTU student
  • Students from colleges or universities with articulation agreements
  • Veterans or active military
  • Employees of Ascension Health
  • Children of Ascension Health employees
  • First-generation college student
  • Economically disadvantaged

Factors that our admissions committee value include:

Traits desirable in a future physician assistant such as empathy, compassion and advocacy, previous accomplishments, diverse life experiences, a comprehensive knowledge of the PA profession and significant knowledge of how to deliver health care. Experiences which demonstrate these traits may include: volunteer work, international mission work, military service, proficiency in foreign languages, unique life experiences, health training or certification, unique leadership positions, and biomedical research experience.

LTU has applied for Accreditation – Provisional from the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA). Lawrence Technological University anticipates matriculating its first class in August 2022, pending achieving Accreditation - Provisional status at the March 2022 ARC-PA meeting. Accreditation – Provisional is an accreditation status granted when the plans and resource allocation, if fully implemented as planned, of a proposed program that has not yet enrolled students appear to demonstrate the program’s ability to meet the ARC-PA Standards or when a program holding accreditation-provisional status appears to demonstrate continued progress in complying with the Standards as it prepares for the graduation of the first class (cohort) of students. The program will not commence in the event that provisional accreditation is not received. If students have been accepted and paid a deposit this will be fully refunded in the event that provisional accreditation is not achieved.


Simulation Lab

This lab allows students to acquire procedural skills with the most advanced models, cadaver specimens, and superior equipment used by Ascension medical professionals. Take advantage of ultrasound and robotic surgery simulators, access to an impressive library of radiologic images from actual studies performed, and an extensive exposure and education on a wide range of diagnostics and procedures deemed vital to PA practice.

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Nursing Careers


The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the employment of PAs to grow 31% between 2019 and 2029, a rate that is much faster than the average for most other occupations.

What do physician assistants do?

PAs are medical professionals who diagnose illness, develop and manage treatment plans, prescribe medications, and often serve as a patient's principal healthcare provider. With thousands of hours of medical training, PAs are versatile and collaborative.