Lawrence Tech's Certificate in Workplace Technology is a 12-hour-credit program that prepares professional employees to improve workplace performance using today's collaboration and multimedia technologies. Graduates will learn to use multimedia and virtual work technologies effectively to manage distributed and collaborative work.

This 12-credit program provides opportunity for educators and other professionals (e.g., teachers, after-school program providers, informal science and technology educators and others) to improve their knowledge of the autonomous robotics technologies and their application in instruction through a practice-oriented program of graduate study.

There is no teaching endorsement associated with this certificate. If the Michigan Department of Education endorsement is your goal then teachers will need to complete 21 required credit hours and they need to have a provisional/professional certificate prior to admission to the program.

Candidates have an opportunity to pursue 12-credit GRADUATE CERTIFICATES if they choose the appropriate courses. The certificate(s) can be given separately or along with the master degree. A formal application process (although no additional fees or documents are requested) places the graduate certificate onto your transcript.

1. MET 6223 Multimedia Development 1 
2. MET 6243 Distance Learning Through Technology 
3. MIS 6013 Management Information Systems
4. MIS 7463 Virtual Work Environments


    GLM 6053 Managing Tech and Innov GL Soc

Other Graduate Certificates that can be taken along the Master of Educational Technology program for a more business oriented experience (classes transfer in as electives) are: 

Project Management Graduate Certificate                                   

1. MGT 6153 Project Management (core) (online) 
2. MGT 6223 Project Risk and Project Quality Management (online) 
3. HRM 6133 Managing the Project Organization (online) 
4. MGT 7123 Topics in Project Management (online)

Nonprofit Management and Leadership Graduate Certificate

1. MGT 6033 Leading Organizational Change (core) (online)

or HRM 6023 Human Resource Management
2. MGT 6073 Strategic Nonprofit Management (online) 
3. MGT 6083 Comprehensive Fund Development for Nonprofits (online) 
4. One elective course or Project Management

You can also receive the same rigorous education we provide in our campus program fully online. Receive your Master of Business Administration flexibly -- while working full-time -- from the same prestigious, industry expert faculty who teach on our ground campus

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