The Graduate Certificate in Instructional Technology is part of the graduate programs offered by the Natural Sciences department in the College of Arts and Sciences.

This 12-credit program will provide opportunity for educators and other professionals (i.e. instructional system designers, multimedia specialists in industry, e-learning designers and other non-educational fields) to improve their knowledge of the technologies and their application in instruction through a practice-oriented program of graduate study that will prepare candidates for careers in leadership and mentoring roles in the field of educational technology or instructional media.

There is no teaching endorsement associated with this certificate. If the Michigan Department of Education endorsement (NP) is your goal, then teachers will need to complete 18 required credit hours and they need to have a provisional/professional certificate prior to admission to the program.


The Graduate certificate will require candidates to take 12 credit hours. Upon admission to the program each candidate will discuss a Plan of Work with the MET program directors.    

These six (6) credit hours are required:

  • MET 6203 Computer Applications for Education
  • MET 6213 Applied Instructional Technology

Six (6) credits of electives such as the ones from the list of courses below, are required, depending on the semester offerings, student personal timeline and field interest:

  • MET 6223 Multimedia Development 1
  • MET 6233 Multimedia Development 2
  • MET 6113 Contemporary Pedagogies in Education
  • MET 6243 Distance Learning
  • MET 5263 Autonomous Robotics for Education 1
  • MET 6263 Autonomous Robotics for Education 2
  • MET 699x Directed studies in Educational Technology
  • MET 6303 Project Seminar

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