Fathali Akbarian


Frank Akbarian teaches Introduction to C, Computer Science I and Computer Science II, Java, Data Structures, Database, and VB classes. These courses correspond to his professional background at different local companies where he worked in a variety of computer programming, and software development positions for 7 years.

Dr. Akbarian's special area of interest is in databases. He holds four science degrees (BS in Chemistry, MS in Chemistry, PhD in Chemistry and MA in Computer Science). He received his Undergraduate degree at USAO in OK, his MS at OU in Rochester, MI, the MA at WSU, and PhD from AU in NM. Since 1993 he has been teaching at local community colleges and universities; he joined as an adjunct at LTU in 2001.

Additionally, he has been teaching Chemistry and Physics labs since 2003 for the Natural Sciences Department.

Dr. Akbarian is currently perusing his second PhD in Education.