Dr. David M. Roessler

Adjunct Faculty
Office:        S322
Phone:       248-204-3600
Fax:           248-204-3518
E-Mail:       droessler@ltu.edu

Dr. Roessler first taught Physics at LTU as an adjunct professor several decades ago but, more recently, has returned to teach College Physics 2 and University Physics 2 evening courses.  Over the years, he has also taught evening classes at other local institutions, such as Wayne State University, and particularly enjoys persuading students that Physics can be more than an evil necessity for their careers.

He received a B. Sc. degree with 1st Class Honors in Mathematics & Physics and his PhD in Physics (UV Spectroscopy) from the University of London, King's College (UK).  After postdoctoral research fellowships at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and at the then Bell Telephone Laboratories (Murray Hill, NJ), he joined the General Motors Research Laboratories in Warren, MI, as a physicist.

The first 30 years or so of his research career there focused on the optical properties of solids, from luminescence in semiconductors to the laser processing of materials, resulting in well over 100 publications, several book chapters, and various patents.  He was also involved in numerous conferences and speaking engagements, both in the USA and overseas.

In his last few years at the Research Labs, he served as General Motors' Business & Policy Group Manager for the USCAR (United States Cooperative Automotive Research) program and the US Department of Energy's FreedomCAR program.  The latter is a multiyear program designed, among other things, to reduce this nation's dependence on imported oil and to move us towards a more sustainable, environmentally-responsible, transportation system.