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With the rapid growth of web-based applications in all facets of today’s businesses, there is an increasing emphasis and a growing need for Computer Science and Information Technology professionals with web development skills. The Web Technologies Certificate Program will present the fundamental concepts and knowledge to understand the technologies that enable the development of web-based applications and to prepare the students to acquire the skills and tools necessary to develop such applications. This program of study provides a focused training in the theoretical concepts and applied skill sets necessary to prepare the student to be capable and technically competent in the evolving and expanding field of web technologies.



Prerequisites: Bachelor degree.  

The Graduate certificate in Web Development requires the following courses must be taken at LTU:

Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.
MCS 5013 Web Software Programming 3
MCS 5023 Enterprise Computing with Java 3
MCS 5303 Intro to Database Systems 3
MCS 5993 Advanced Topics in Web Technologies 3