Dr. Sabah Abro

Dr. Sabah Abro

College Professor
Program Manager for Focus:HOPE

Office:  E179
248.204.2069 p

Office hours by appointment

Dr. Abro is an internationally educated Faculty member. He studied at the University of Baghdad to earn a Bachelor degree in Statistics. He holds a graduate diploma from the United Nation’s supported institute of Planning in the Middle East. He went to the University of Wales (University College of Swansea) in the UK for his Masters Degree in Statistics and to Belgium where he was granted a Ph.D in applied Mathematics from the Universite Catholique De Louvain.

He also has international academic experience, he held the position of assistant Professor at Al Mustansiria University in Baghdad, work as a regional expert for the United Nation’s supported Arab institute of Statistics, a position that allowed him to teach in several countries of the Middle East.

Before he joined LTU he served as a Math Program Leader at Focus: HOPE where he was leading the effort of a team from LTU, UDM and WSU to design the math program for the Greenfield coalition for manufacturing engineering education. Dr. Abro also served as an adjunct Faculty at LTU, UDM, WSU and Oakland Community College.

He is also involved in community services, where he led a verity of Educational activities through the Chaldean Federation of America. Dr. Abro is the Founder and the current president of the Mesopotamian American Graduate Association (MAGA). He is married to Ann who is a preschool Educator, has a daughter Hadeel who is a math teacher at Troy Public Schools and pursuing her Ph.D. at WSU. He also has a son, Fadi who is a senior ME student at LTU.