Mr. Michael Rosen

Mr. Michael Rosen 

Experience in Teaching:

Teaching at LTU since January 2005, for 11 years. I began my teaching career in

August 2003 teaching at Wayne County Community College District and Wayne State


Experience in Industry:

No industry experience. Previous related math job experience was accuracy checker for

Cengage, and performed Statistical Analysis for Detroit Healthcare for the Homeless

sponsored by University of Michigan School of Public Health and AmeriCorps.

Level of Education:

My level of education are two master degrees, one in Mathematics (2003, WSU) and

the other is in Math Education (2015, WSU).  I am currently in the PhD program in

Industrial Engineering at Wayne State University. 

Areas of Interest:

I wrote a textbook in Trigonometry which I'm in the process of getting it published.

Statistics is another area of interest I especially enjoy teaching.  I also like teaching

many topics in Algebra and Calculus, and topics I'm learning in my PhD program such

as topics in Operations Research that crossover into Discrete Mathematics. 

Research Interests:

My research interests are still in development. Currently I am beginning my research in



Educating mathematics and statistics is my passion. My style of teaching is proactive. I

have students be active participants in their learning. Student participation during class

contact time in their own learning process is an application of a learning theory called

Constructivism. My hobbies are in areas of nutrition. I operate a hydraulic press juicer.

My motto, "eat smart be smart." I encourage a nutritious diet with fresh fruits and

vegetables to support well balance.


Office: S110