LTU student research discovered hundreds of rare galaxies
By developing an automatic algorithm that mined through millions of objects.
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MCS is ranked 11th nationally
Lawrence Tech MCS is ranked 11th nationally
Best Value Schools places LTU MCS 11th in the country among small universities.
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driverless vehicles
LTU celebrates world championship in driverless vehicles
LTU finished first among 36 college teams in the global event, held in early June at Oakland University in Rochester.
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cybersecurity competition
LTU Students win four of five prizes in cybersecurity competition
Students from Lawrence Technological University took first, second and tied for third place at the ISACA Cybersecurity Scholarship Case Competition.
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Robofest Competition
Robofest Competition Returning To LTU
Robofest, one of the world's largest robotic competitions, is directed by MCS professor CJ Chung.
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galaxy visual morphology
LTU computer science student compiles the world’s largest catalog of galaxy visual morphology
His catalog has been accepted for publication in the prestigious Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, and is now included in the public database of SDSS.
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Mathematical Contest
LTU students win best student presentation award in 2016 Mathematical Contest in Modeling
Nine LTU students in three teams of three participated in the 2016 international Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM).
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Midwest Big Data hub
Lawrence Tech to take part in the Midwest Big Data hub
The new regional hub involves researchers from all major universities in the Midwest and will strengthen Big Data research.
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CS student
LTU CS student develops a new computational method to improve crowdsourcing data analysis
The new algorithm can improve the efficiency of crowdsourcing
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mathematical model
Math and Computer Science LTU Students develop a mathematical model of human aging
The model shows rapid aging around the age of 55
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NSF funding
LTU computer science receives NSF funding for big data research
The award of $115,000 for three years will support faculty and student research for developing state-of-the-art algorithms for big data in astronomy
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Lior Shamir
LTU's Lior Shamir featured on The Academic Minute
The Academic Minute podcast series is hosted by WAMC/Northeast Public Radio in Albany, New York. Nearly 60 NPR stations carry the twice-daily broadcast
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Ruth Favro
Favro wins national award for math coaching
LTU Professor math Ruth Favro has won the 2015 Samuel L. Greitzer Distinguished Coach Award presented by the American Regions Math League (ARML).
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LTU finishes second in IGVC's IOP category
LTU's Bigfoot team won $2,000 for its second-place finish in the Interoperability Profiles. Forty two teams from six countries participated in the competition.
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IEEE Humanitarian Technology Conference
LTU student wins award at IEEE Humanitarian Technology Conference
Lawrence Tech computer science major Gordon Stein won the best student poster award at IEEE Southeast Michigan Humanitarian Technology Conference
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World Robot Olympiad
Lawrence Tech hosts Sept. 19 national championships for World Robot Olympiad
Will host the national championships to determine United States team for the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) to be held Nov. 6-8 in Doha, Qatar
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Computer Science faculty
LTU Computer Science faculty chairs a special track at MobiMedia 2015
He will also present two of his own papers at the event
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Jackson Pollock research
Jackson Pollock research continues to attract worldwide attention
Computational analysis of Jackson Pollock artistic style performed at LTU continues to fascinate millions around the world
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Canton elementary school students
Canton elementary school students win at Robofest qualifying competition
More qualifying competitions will take place through April 18th
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LTU Math major
LTU Math major develops a novel expansion
The new discovery is published in a scientific journal, and will improve analytical processes in medicine and engineering.
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Mathematical Contest in Modeling
LTU students take part in Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM)
Nine LTU students in three teams of three participated in the 96-hour international Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) from Feb. 5 – 9, 2015.
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World Robot Olympiad
LTU students finish 5th of 22 at World Robot Olympiad
Teams from 50 countries competed, including 22 teams in the college division.
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CS students in Russia
LTU computer science students compete in Russia
The team participated in the World Robot Olympiad in Sochi, Russia.
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Math Challenge
LTU Math students take part in Math Challenge
LTU fielded three teams in this three hour ten question undergraduate team math contest.
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robotics competition
LTU’s robotics competition is featured on USA Today
The national finals of World Robotic Olympiad was organized by LTU’s computer science professor Dr. CJ Chung. The winners will represent the US in the world finals in Sochi, Russia.
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CS student astronomy conference
LTU presidential grant could send Computer Science student to astronomy conference
Evan Kuminski has been awarded a $1,000 Presidential Undergraduate Research Award. The grant will allow him to present his research at the AAS Meetings - the primary astronomy conference in North America.
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Computer science meets football
Computer science meets football
LTU CS student computational analysis predicts football plays.
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World Robot Olympiad
World Robot Olympiad national finals will be at Lawrence Technological University
The WRO is a global robotics competition involving nearly 20,000 middle school and high school teams from throughout the world.
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identification of cells
Software for identification of cells developed by LTU student is published in a scientific journal
The software scans through thousands of microscopy images and identifies “peculiar” cells – cells that are different from the “normal” cells.
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Tom Goulding
Tom Goulding named Math and Computer Science chair
Thomas Goulding has joined Lawrence Technological University’s College of Arts and Sciences as chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.
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automatic music analysis
LTU student stuns the world with a novel method of automatic music analysis
Joe George’s research was published in a top scientific journal, and featured on the world's premier popular press.
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science education
LTU wins $293K grant for computer and information science education
The AAC&U grant will support innovative research-based computer and information science undergraduate education.
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2014 IGVC
LTU robotic vehicle performs well at 2014 IGVC
Lawrence Technological University’s MCS robotic vehicle, iWheels 2, finished fifth in Inter-Operability Profiles (IOP) challenge and sixth in the Auto-Nav Challenge.
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WISER conference
The first WISER conference takes place at LTU
Organized by LTU Computer Science professor CJ Chung, WISER brought together experts in STEM education.
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Infinite Machine
LTU's Infinite Machine's game "Paper Dream" is in the top 5 of ESA's college game competition
Was selected from almost 400 teams from U.S. colleges, universities, art and trade schools offering video game courses, certificates and degree programs.
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Robofest World Championships
Lawrence Tech to host Robofest World Championships May 17
Over 70 teams from 10 states and eight other countries will compete in the 15th annual Robofest World Championships on Saturday, May 17, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Don Ridler Field House at Lawrence Technological University.
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World Robot Olympiad
LTU named USA national organizer for World Robot Olympiad
Olympiad Association(WRO-USA) runs a global LEGO robotics competition that draws participants from around the world, with participation of over 17,000 teams.
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international math modeling competition
LTU receives honorary mention in the international math modeling competition
Nine LTU students in three teams of three participated in the 96-hour international Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) of 2014.
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whale communication research
LTU MCS takes part in international collaboration of whale communication research
LTU/MCS is now taking part in a large international project that aims at profiling the way whales communicate. LTU’s part in the project, involving LTU students and faculty, is to develop pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms, and apply these algorithms to mine hours of data recordings and tens of thousands of whale communication recording samples.
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Thanksgiving RoboParade
Hundreds participated in Thanksgiving RoboParade and GRAF
The annual thanksgiving RoboParade, a unique robot-only Thanksgiving parade took place on November 23, and attracted hundreds of students who designed, built, programmed, and decorated their robots.
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LTU MCS Student discovers an anomaly in the Hubble sequence
The discovery was accepted for publication in the reputable peer-reviewed journal New Astronomy.
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MCS Professor CJ Chung
MCS Professor Chan-Jin Chung named Michigan STEM Star
In recognition for years of dedication to Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.
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Ford Motors
Ford Motors targets LTU Computer Science graduates
Ford Day at LTU Meet & Greet. Ford executives will present new vehicles and new automotive technologies with emphasize on hiring LTU graduates for Information Technology intern and full time employees at Ford.
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Intelligent Ground Vehicle Challenge
LTU places sixth in Intelligent Ground Vehicle Challenge
Lawrence Technological University’s robotic vehicle, iWheels, finished sixth in the Auto-Nav Challenge, the main event at the 21th annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition held at Oakland University June 7-10.
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Quest program
Quest program kickoff - September 24, 2013
Come to an Informational Session and Pizza Lunch to learn more about our Quest Program and how it can provide you the mentorship, funding and opportunity to turn your passion into a research, arts or leadership project.
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LTU MCS Robofest announces GRAF (Global Robotics Art Festival)
The inaugural event will be held on Saturday, November 23, 2013 at Macomb Community College Expo Center in Michigan. Teams can setup on Friday after 2pm. Registration is now open.
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Robofest on PBS
Robofest on PBS Detroit, Sep 2 at 7:30pm
WATCH Robofest 2013 World Championship Monday, September 2 at 7:30 pm for 30 minutes on Detroit Public Television, Channel 56-1.
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IEEE-USA Video competition
LTU MCS Robofest won 1st place at IEEE-USA Video competition
The five minute video summarizing Robofest 2013 is on YouTube at
Robofest is directed by MCS professor Chan Jin (CJ) Chung.
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Digital Humanities events
LTU hosts two Digital Humanities events
The Network Detroit digital humanities conference and the THAT camp unconference will take place on September 27 and September 28 of 2013. MCS takes part in both events.
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peer-reviewed scientific paper
Another LTU MCS undergraduate publishes a peer-reviewed scientific paper
The paper was peer-reviewed and published in the reputable journal Astronomical Notes (Astronomische Nachrichten).
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100 Computer Science papers
LTU MCS student paper is among best 100 Computer Science papers in 2012
The papers were selected by Computing Reviews with the Association of Computing Machines (ACM). Prior to the selection for the prestigious award, the paper was featured in the world's premier mass media such as NBC News, R&D Magazine, International Business Times, Times of India, Russia Today, and many more.
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2013 Mathematical Contest in Modeling
LTU MCS prepares for the 2013 Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM)
In previous competition LTU team won the Ben Fusaro award for the most creative approach to the problem.
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study the brain
MCS undergraduate develops a new method to study the brain
His research paper was peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in the Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics.
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Thanksgiving RoboParade
Over 40 teams participated in LTU’s Thanksgiving RoboParade
Thanksgiving RoboParade is directed by LTU’s Computer Science professor CJ Chung, and assisted by LTU’s math professor Chris Cartwright.
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NVIDIA announces LTU as a CUDA Teaching Center
Provides LTU MCS with a grant of state-of-the-art scientific computing equipment. The high-end computing equipment will be added to the new 320-core cluster and the computer lab that are currently being built.
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MCS biometrics research
LTU MCS biometrics research attracts world-wide public attention
The research was featured on the world's mass media such as Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Wired Magazine, NBC News, Times of India, and many more
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RoboSumo and RoboParade
Dozens participate in RoboSumo and RoboParade workshops
The technical workshops are in preparation for Thanksgiving RoboParade and RoboSumo competition
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LEGO® Education Symposium
LTU MCS to host LEGO® Education Symposium
LEGO Education curriculum to give students hands-on, real-world applications in science, technology, engineering, and math.
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computers “understand” art
LTU student shows that computers “understand” art
Publishes her work in ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage. The study was reported in the popular media around the world.
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SALT to observe a peculiar celestial object discovered at LTU
The 9.2 meter SALT, the largest telescope in the southern hemisphere and one of the world’s largest telescopes.
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LTU MCS takes primary role in a new puzzling observation in cosmology
Computational analysis showed surprising asymmetry between clockwise and counterclockwise spinning galaxies.
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Dr. Patrick Nelson
LTU MCS welcomes Dr. Patrick Nelson
Dr. Patrick Nelson joins LTU MCS, and will make significant contribution to its education and research programs, especially in the field of math biology.
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iPad interactive video game
LTU MSC students develop an iPad interactive video game for the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
The iPad video game "Journey for Freedom", based on the underground railroad will be played by hundreds of kids every month in the discovery room of the Museum.
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LTU VoLTUre team
LTU VoLTUre team takes 5th place in the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition
Out of 47 teams that made it to the finals of the prestigious international Auto-Nav Challenge
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bluebird nesting box
Computer Science undergraduate develops a method that improves bluebird nesting box performance by ~50%.
Publishes a peer-reviewed paper in the journal Computational Ecology and Software.
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Hawaii Robofest
2012 Hawaii Robofest Award Winners
MCS Robofest Hawaii competition attracted hundreds of participants and 49 teams.
MI STEM week
MCS Robotics presents at MI STEM week closing event
MI STEM week was organized my US Army, TARDEC, and TACOM at Ford Rouge Factory.
VoLTUre team
VoLTUre team for the 20th Annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition announced
VoLTUre team develops intelligent autonomous vehicles, and will compete in June 2012.
MCS Professor
MCS Professor receives the Teaching and Learning Using Technology Award
Dr. Pamela Lowry of the department of Math and Computer Science will receive the fourth annual Teaching and Learning Using Technology Award.
MCM competition
LTU MCS students participated in 2012 MCM competition
Results are expected in the end of March
RoboSumo competition
Over 10,000 attend LTU's RoboSumo competition
The monstrous event took place Sunday (Feb 11) at Somerset Mall in Troy, MI
Dr. CJ Chung promoted
Dr. Chan Jin (CJ) Chung was promoted to full professor
Dr. Chung is internationally recognized as a leader in intelligent systems
Oakland Parks meeting
LTU CS undergraduate named key speaker at annual Oakland Parks meeting
Sarah Svatora developed a computational method for optimizing the efficacy of bluebird nesting boxes
Jalen Rose Leadership Academy
Jalen Rose Leadership Academy offers K-12 Lawrence Tech MCS robotics program
The program will be offered through LTU's ARISE (Autonomous Robotics Institute for Students and Educators).
iPhone app
LTU students release iPhone app used by thousands of active users
The app was also installed commercially, including dolphin tour boats in southern Florida.
Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Academy partners with LTU MCS
Will provide a free ROBOTC license for Robofest teams in 2012 Robofest season.
Astrophysics Source Code Library
Astrophysics Source Code Library receives seed funding
The Astrophysics Source Code Library, collaboration that MCS is part of, receives seed funding from the American Astronomical Society.
Math professor
LTU Math professor receives prestigious national MAA award
LTU Math professor Ruth Favro is 2012 recipient of the prestigious Mathematical Association of America meritorious service award in recognition of her "deep impact she had on mathematics in Michigan".
Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
LTU MCS is named collaborator of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope campus
MCS department at LTU was selected as a collaborator in the most powerful astronomical imaging device ever built, and is the flagship Astronomy project for the coming decade. MCS faculty and students will participate in the development of algorithms and methods to analyze the LSST dataset, which will become the world's largest public database.
M.A.T.H Challenge
M.A.T.H Challenge held on LTU campus
The M.A.T.H. Challenge (Michigan Autumn Take Home Challenge) was held at LTU. Three teams of 3 students worked 3 hours on the 10 question paper-and-pencil exam. Sixty-three teams from 24 institutions participated on their own campuses, from Michigan and 8 other states.
Fall detection research
Fall detection research at LTU featured an ABC Channel 7 News
Computer Science faculty Dr. CJ Chung and his students developed an automatic fall detection system that will improve safety and even save lives for the elderly.
 Robotics laboratory
New Robotics laboratory opened
New Robotics Lab opened in the basement of Buell Management Building. The lab will support faculty and student robotics research, as well as Robofest. The director of the new laboratory is Computer Science faculty Dr. CJ Chung.
Puntnam international exam
LTU Math students to take the Puntnam international exam
LTU Math students to take the Puntnam international exam Five students took the Putnam Exam on Saturday, Dec. 3. The Putnam is a 12-question, six-hour marathon, taken by about 3500 students nationwide and in Canada. The students are Levi Dojcsak, Scott Bakkila Anton Swistak, Dan McGee, and Kristen Dage. (Faculty advisor: Dr. Chris Cartwright)
The Economist
LTU Computer Science discovery featured on The Economist
Computer Science research on Computational Art at LTU discovered hidden similarities between the artistic styles of Jackson Pollock and Vincent Van Gogh. This research was featured on several newspapers and magazines, including the science section of The Economist.
math scavenger hunt
Sonobe origami folding and a math scavenger hunt
Math Club activities this fall, in addition to the MATH Challenge and Putnam Exam, included Sonobe origami folding and a math scavenger hunt.
national Math competition
LTU students win Honorable Mention at an international national Math competition
The 2011 Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) competition involved 2775 teams.