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The Computer Science Cybersecurity Certificate provides students with the opportunity to gain a technical understanding of computing system security from software, hardware, and communications perspectives

The program is comprised of three subject areas: Foundations of Computer Security and Operational Security (theory); Software Security, Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering (practice); and Emerging Machine Learning Security and IoT Security (applications). It also provides students with information and skills to implement exploitation techniques, mitigation solutions, and best practices to enforce security through bundled programming and hands-on security labs. 



Prerequisites: In addition to a Bachelor degree, these two classes must be completed at LTU or transferred to LTU with B grades or better.

Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.
MCS 2534 Data Structures 4
MCS 4663 Operating Systems 3

The Graduate certificate in Cybersecurity requires the following courses must be taken at LTU:

Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.
MCS 4613 Computer Networks 3
MCS 5813 Introduction to Computer Security 3
MCS 6143 Reverse Engineering and Software Security 3
MCS 6503 Advanced Networking and Internet Security 3