Dr. Christopher Cartwright

Dr. Christopher Cartwright 

Associate Professor
Office:  S121C
248.204.3507 p
248.204.3518 f

Office hours by appointment

Dr. Christopher Cartwright holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Kalamazoo College. He has an M.S. in Mathematics and a Ph.D in Applied Mathematics from The University of Iowa.

Dr. Cartwright has been an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Lawrence Technological University since 2003. He has taught Calculus 1 and 2, Differential Equations, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Numerical Analysis 1 as well as Trigonometry and College Algebra.

Dr. Cartwright's area of research is in numerical analysis. This is an area of mathematics primarily devoted to using computers to solve mathematical problems. Dr. Cartwright is interested in using numerical analysis in such problems as solving nonlinear equations, approximation of functions, numerical integration, solving systems of linear equations, solving ordinary and partial differential equations, and optimization.

Dr. Cartwright is interested in applications of numerical analysis to mechanical, electrical, civil, and industrial engineering as well as to computer science and the natural sciences (physics, chemistry, and biology). The computer is an essential tool to applied mathematics and he has used Maple, Matlab, C, and parallel programming (with MPI) in his research and in the classroom.

He is currently Coordinator of the Calculus 1 Workshop. The workshop is a once per week 75-minute session in which students work in groups on applied problems that go beyond typical homework assignments. The workshop incorporates use of the powerful mathematical software program Maple.