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The availability, collection and dissemination of data is at an all time high.  Computing power of unprecedented levels are allowing universities and companies the ability to research complex data sets to determine new, effective vaccines, analyze financial risk, create efficient supply chains, and teach a car to drive on its own.  These are just a tiny set of examples of the wonders one study using data science. 

The Data Science degree is highly interdisciplinary in nature, and may include course work and research with faculty in other areas on campus such as the STEM center, the College of Engineering and the College of Business and Information Technology.  

Degree Focus

big data
data mining
machine learning

 artificial intelligence

Student Experience

study complex data sets and understand the patterns that each set can reveal. 
 complete a year-long senior project to show mastery of the skills.
work on projects focused in medicine, biomedical engineering, machine learning, big data, information technology and many other exciting fields

Why LTU? You'll:

  • Study with nationally recognized faculty
  • Have access to paid internships, which frequently lead to full-time employment
  • Work on interdisciplinary projects that hone your team-building and leadership skills
  • Experience convenient schedules that include day, evening and online classes
  • Have access to LTU’s well-connected career placement services
  • Earn your degree in a productive, vital and economically diverse region that is one of the world’s great centers for entrepreneurship, technological achievement and innovation

Data science is one of the fastest growing fields in academics, especially among women and underrepresented students; a field that is commensurate with STEM related disciplines.



The data science degree at LTU will include 125 credit hours and students will receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Data Science.

There are four major components to our degree:

  1. Mathematics and statistics
  2. Computer science and programming
  3. Discipline specific topics such as
    1. Machine learning
    2. Artificial intelligence
    3. Big data and data analytics
    4. Mathematical modeling
    5. Deep learning
    6. Bioinformatics
    7. Information technology
  4. The LTU Core

Bachelor of Science in Data Science Flowchart 2023 PDF


First Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
SSC 2413 Foundations of Amer. Experience 3
COM 1103 College Composition 3
MCS 1243 Foundations of Computer Science 3
MCS 1414 Calculus 1 4
COM 1001 Pathways to Research Careers 1
   TOTAL 14

Second Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
SSC 2423 Development of Amer. Experience 3
LLT 1213 World Masterpieces 1 3
MCS 2124 Statistics 4
MCS 1514 Computer Science 1 4
MCS 1424 Calculus 2 4
   TOTAL 18

First Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
MCS 1111 Coding Club Python (1 of 3) 1
LLT 1223 World Masterpieces 2 3
MCS 2514 Computer Science 2 4
MCS 2523 Discrete Math 3
MCS 2414 Calculus 3 4
   TOTAL 15

Second Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
MCS 2111 MCS Seminar 1
COM 2103 Tech & Prof. Communication 3
MCS 2513 Software Engineering 1 3
MCS 2**3 Introduction to Data Science 3
MCS 2534 Data Structures 4
MCS 3863 Linear Algebra 3
   TOTAL 17

First Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
MCS 1111 Coding Club R (2 of 3) 1
MCS 3123 Applied Statistics 3
MCS 3543 Intro to Database Systems 3
MCS 4993 Text Mining & Data Analytics 3
PHY 2413 Univ. Physics 1 3
PHY 2421 Univ. Physics 1 Lab 1
   TOTAL 14

Second Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
SSC/PSYxx3 Elective 3
MCS 5623 Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition 3
MCS 3523 Mathematical Modeling 3
MCS 4633 Artificial Intelligence 3
PHY 2423 Univ. Physics 2 3
COM 4001 Pathways Capstone Lab 1
   TOTAL 16

First Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
SSC/PSYxxx3 Jr./Sr. Elective 3
MCS 4993 Applied Regression Analysis 3
MCS 5713 Deep Learning & Neural Networks 3
MCS 4833 Senior Project 3
MCS/PHY/IT Elective 3
MCS 1111 Coding Club Matlab (3 of 3) 1
   TOTAL 16

Second Semester

Course # Subject Cr. Hrs.
LLT xxx3 Jr./Sr. Elective 3
MCS 5723 Social Network Mining 3
MCS 4843 Senior Project 2 3
MCS/PHY/IT Elective 3
MCS 4653 Theory of Computation 3
   TOTAL 15


Data science graduates are in high demand. According to a report by the Business Higher Education Forum, 69 percent of employers expect candidates with data science skills to get preference for jobs in their organizations. In 2017, LinkedIn rated data science as the second fastest growing job at a rate of 6.5 percent annual growth, and US News and World Report recently reported that the median salary for data scientists was $94,280.

Some jobs available to those with a B.S. in Data Science include:

Data Scientist
Machine Learning Engineer
Machine Learning Scientist
Applications Architect
Enterprise Architect
Data Architect
Infrastructure Architect
Data Engineer
Business Intelligence (BI) Developer
Data Analyst