Brad Coval


Teaching Experience:

LTU since 08/1999

Experience in Industry:

Chrysler Corporation/FCA 08/1994 – present

Currently I am a vehicle safety engineer working on RAM Truck impact testing vehicle

structures and occupant kinematics.  I have also had positions in air fuel and emission

component design & release engineer, V6 program management, engineering quality

for large car and Jeep Wrangler

Level of Education:

BSME from LTU 05/1993

Master of Science Engineering Management from Oakland University 05/1998

Areas of Interest:

Enjoy teaching tech math courses


FCA/Chrysler Corporation from 8/1993 to present.  Currently, work as an impact safety

engineer on the RAM Truck program analyzing the vehicle’s structural performance

during an impact event.  Along with the vehicle impact behavior, I analyze occupant

kinematics and interaction with passive restraints during the impact event.  Other areas

I have worked in Chrysler include computational film analysis of vehicle impact testing

and anthropomorphic test device response, design and release of: air induction

systems, fuel systems, acoustic engine treatments, and design of diesel fuel systems.


Office: S110