4+1 Combined BSCS (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science) and MSCS (Master of Science in Computer Science) Program is an accelerated program for highly motivated freshmen to earn both BSCS and MSCS degrees in five years.

The 4+1 MSCS program has two immediate benefits: 9 graduate credits are double counted toward each of the two degrees (Freshman LTU Scholarship will be continued until the end of the fifth year).

Graduates of this program with the MSCS degree gain a competitive edge for a career in industry with higher salary. In addition, this is an excellent headstart pathway for students who are also interested in pursuing a PhD degree in computer science.

The total number of credits for this combined program is 114 (Undergraduate) + 9 (Graduate double counted) + 21 (Graduate) = 144. BSCS degree of this program is based on Scientific Software Development concentration, a classical & flexible computer science (CS) track.

PDF MSCS+BS Flowchart

• Recalculated high school GPA must be 3.6 or higher
• ACT composite score must be 28 or higher or SAT score must be 1350 or higher
• Must be ready to take Calculus 1**

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior 5th Year | Graduate
Suggested course levels
and # of credits
31 Undergraduate
30 Undergraduate
31 Undergraduate
22 UG credits and 9 Graduate credits that are double counted for BSCS and MSCS 21 Graduate Credits
Milestones Meet with Director to file Plan of Work after 92 credits

Petition for BSCS when 123 credits are to be completed
Petition for MSCS when 30 Graduate credits are to be completed
**Please speak with an advisor or email admissions@ltu.edu if you have any questions about the 4+1 MSCS program.