Phillip Swantek

After receiving his Bachelor of Arts from Michigan State University, Prof. Swantek became involved in several different projects including Kelly Educational Staffing in Troy, MI where he produced DVD training videos for recently hired full-time teachers.  He was later employed by RARE Everyday Heroes, RARE Foundation where he produced, directed, videotaped and edited documentaries to educate and influence students to understand qualities of a hero and to write an essay of a hero in their life. At Cancer Care Associates at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, MI he produced, designed and directed educational video presented to cancer patients to calm, encourage and educate cancer patients during initial visit. As a producer, he has managed all aspects of the production process, including: pre-production, client contacts, budget development, acquisition of on-camera and voice-over talent, crew assignments, graphic and music design, and post production scheduling. His projects have included broadcast and non-broadcast programs ranging from 30-second commercials to half-hour episodic television shows.  He is an award-winning editor of promotional, documentary, instructional and television programs.