Phillip Vogt Bio PicDr. Philip Vogt

Associate Professor

Office:     Science Building S209C
Phone:    248-204-3536

Scholarly Activities (includes grants, conference presentations, etc.)
Courses Taught
Quest and Other Student Projects


1998       Ph.D. in Intellectual History.  The Johns Hopkins University.

1991       M.A. in History.  Michigan State University.

1981       B.A. in History.  Michigan State University.

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American Association of University Professors (AAUP)

LTU Faculty Senate

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John Locke and the Rhetoric of Modernity.  Lexington Books (May 2008).

“What Dies ‘for want of utterance:’ Frederick Douglass and the Decline of Literacy in our Day.”  The Remnant Review. 4/1 (March 2008).

“Locke, Eden and Two States of Nature: the Fortunate Fall Revisited” in Journal of the History of Philosophy. 35/4 (October 1997).

“Seascape with Fog: Metaphor in Locke’s Essay” in Journal of the History of Ideas. 54/1 (January 1993).

“Introduction” to “Scandinavia and the New Europe,” special issue of Scandinavian Studies. 64/4 (Fall 1992); Co-Edited with Peter Vinten-Johansen.

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Scholarly Activities (includes, grant, conference presentations, etc.)


Academic Presentations

“Locke, the Refinement of Language and the ‘Rule of Analogy.’”  Expressions of Analogy Conference at the New University of Lisbon, Portugal. 5/29-31/08.

“The Folly of Reason in the Age of Probability: Erasmus, Luther, Locke.” Conference of the International Society for Intellectual History (ISIH), Helsinki, Finland. 7/27-31/04.

“Picturing Modernity in the Anglo-Dutch Tradition.” Conference of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas (ISSEI), Pamplona, Spain.  8/2-7/04.

Organizer and chair, panel on “Narratives of Liberalism: Traditions, Omissions and Prospects.”

“Metaphors that Obscure: the Strange Case of John Locke and the Tabula Rasa.” Lawrence Technological University Humanities Symposium.  12/5/02.

“Aquinas in Locke: the Persistence of Scholasticism in Early Modernity.” ISIH conference, Chicago, Illinois. 9/21-24/00.

Organizer, panel on “Early Non-Modernity.”

“The Rejection of Sophistry and the Endorsement of ‘False Words:’ Resolving an Apparent Inconsistency in Plato’s Republic.” Inaugural lecture of LTU Humanities Symposium, 10/14/99.



Manuscript referee for Eighteenth-Century Studies and American Political Science Review.



John W. Ryan Visiting Scholar at The Ramnant Trust. 2007-08:


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Courses Taught (* and developed)


At Lawrence Technological University:

Foundations of the American Experience (SSC2413)

Development of the American Experience (SSC2423)

History of Europe to 1500 (SSC3133)

History of Europe since 1500 (SSC3143)

Enlightenment and Revolution (SSC4723)*

Topics in the History and Problems of Technology (SSC4733) )(Spring 2005: “Technology and the North American Environment in Historical Perspective”)*

The Reformations (SSC4753)*

World War I and World War II (SSC4743)


At Johns Hopkins University:

The Enlightenment and its Reception (100.297)*

The Rhetoric of Discovery: Science Wars of the Seventeenth Century (100.250)* 

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Quest and Other Student Projects


Initiated, and served as a faculty advisor to, Detroit-to-Pittsburgh canoe trip, 2005.

Initiated, and served as faculty advisor to, LTU student philosophical society, “Al-Farabi Café.”

Initiated, and served as a faculty advisor to, first GLBT student group at LTU, “Stand.”

Regularly (but informally) take students to Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Detroit Institute of Art, Detroit Film Theatre, Redford Theater


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