From the economy to the environment, the 21st century poses challenges that require innovative thinking and a broader perspective. That’s why more and more students are choosing an age-old discipline to find the answers to modern-day questions. The study of philosophy can help you develop skills in writing, analysis, and problem solving – valuable tools that can allow you to under- stand and debate complex social issues, as well as succeed in your chosen career.

The minor in philosophy at Lawrence Technological University is designed to sharpen your critical thinking skills while addressing profound issues about the nature of science, art, morality, and the mind. In addition to studying the classical works of Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Locke, Mill, and others, you will explore the philosophical side of controversies involving energy, climate change, space exploration, evolutionary biology, and neuroscience.

 minor in philosophyA minor in philosophy can strengthen your undergraduate degree and help you stand out to potential employers. The practical skills you learn from the program can be applied to any profession, but especially business, education, and government. Or, if you choose to continue your studies, the minor in philosophy can be excellent preparation for graduate, law, or business school. Throughout the program, you will learn from dedicated faculty, all of whom are committed to helping you achieve your academic and professional goals. 

Lawrence Tech’s 15-credit-hour minor in philosophy consists of five electives you can choose from a variety of upper-division philosophy courses. You must complete Foundations of the American Experience and Development of the American Experience, required of all undergraduates, before beginning your course work toward the minor in philosophy.

Your 15-credit-hour program consists of:
Philosophy Electives 15
Total  15
Note: Ethics, Aesthetics, or Logic may also be taken as electives and applied toward the minor in philosophy.
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