What better way to learn the art of leader-ship than by studying Caesar, Lincoln, Winston Churchill, and other historical figures? History not only allows us to gain insight into the human condition and develop a larger perspective, it also sharpens our abilities in writing, speaking, and analysis  – skills demanded by today’s competitive global economy.

Employers today seek candidates with strong communication skills, as well as knowledge of geography and foreign cultures. A minor in history from Lawrence Technological University can provide you with these essential tools and more, which can help you – and your resume – stand out from the crowd. A minor in history can strengthen your undergraduate degree, or, if you choose to continue your education, can be an asset when applying to graduate, law, or business school. Throughout your studies, you will learn from dedicated faculty, all of whom are committed to helping you accomplish your academic and professional goals.
Lawrence Tech’s 15-credit-hour minor in history consists of five electives you can choose from a variety of upper-division history courses. You must complete Foundations of the American Experience and Development of the American Experience, required of all undergraduates, before beginning your course work toward the minor in history.

Your 15-credit-hour program consists of:

History Electives 15
Total  15
For more information, including information for transfer and international students, contact Lawrence Tech's Office of Admissions at 800.225.5588 or admissions@ltu.edu.