EnglishUSA-Logo-250x125pix.jpgThe purpose of the ESL program is to help students acquire the language skills necessary to do well at Lawrence Tech. Depending on the student's needs, the program may consist of full-time or part-time classroom instruction with intensive training in Grammar, Reading, Listening, Conversation, Writing, and Technical preparation. Qualified students may take ESL concurrently with selected technical courses in the actual academic program for which the student has been conditionally accepted, with appropriate ESL supervision.

For additional information contact:

Ms. Nawal Abbas, ESL Program Director
Phone: 248.204.3555
Office: S209D
Email: nabbas@ltu.edu 

ESL Faculty

Ms. Nawal Abbas

Ms. Emily Bauer

Mr. Douglass Bennett

Ms. Sarah Berri

Ms. Katherine Broughton

Mr. Scott Corp

Ms. Pauline Edward

Ms. Suzanne Finlay

Ms. Megdieh Jawad

Ms. Ragette Jawad-Abushaar

Ms. Megan Mirza

Mr. Jonathon Neme

Ms. Sarah Roscoe

Ms. Mary Lou Theisen

ESL Course Descriptions