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Our program provides intensive instruction and practice in American English to non-English speakers. Modern facilities, professional instructors and the welcoming environment at LTU make this campus an ideal location to improve grammar, reading, listening, conversation, writing and communication skills. The academic curriculum focuses on all areas of language acquisition: grammar, reading, listening, conversation, writing, integrated skills in communication. Overall, we focus on speaking and listening skills, while also strengthening skills in other areas. Test Preparation (TOEFL, IELTS) is an important part of our program. There are 4 levels of courses  and several electives student can choose from to incorporate into their 24 hours of instruction every week.

For Spring 2017 Admissions to the ESL institute please contact:

Ms. Nawal Abbas, ESL Program Director
Phone: 248.204.3555
Office: C407


Future Students

Intensive English ProgramThe Lawrence Tech ESL Institute  provides English language instruction to non-native speakers to help them develop the essential English language skills to successfully pursue their academic and career goals. We also foster global awareness, intercultural communication, and appreciation of diversity among students, faculty and staff.

Courses are offered in 4 levels in  academic ESL. Students are welcome to begin their English studies in the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters.

LTU ESL Institute offers international students ESL classes in Grammar, Reading, Listening, Conversation, Writing, and Integrated Skills in Communication. Each of the classes follows an integrated approach to language learning. This means that students will use all of their English skills in each of their classes. For example, a student could be asked to write a short essay in a grammar class or give a short presentation in a reading class.

We offer full admission into the ESL institute or if students meet our minimum requirement of 500 on TOEFL or 6.0 on IELTS to enter our Bridge Program (Pathways).

Admission into LTU ESL institute

No TOEFL/IELTS or other standardized test score is required. Students will take a placement test when they arrive at LTU.

Students accepted to LTU ESL Institute will take ESL classes only until they can demonstrate proficiency in the English language. Students entering the Bridge Program can take some ESL and academic together. The number of classes depends on their graduate or undergraduate status.

Students may move on to their desired academic programs once they achieve the proficiency level required for unconditional admission (TOEFL IBT 79,  TOEFL ITP 550, and IELTS 6.5. 

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Application Steps
Deadlines and key dates
Tuition and fees
Transfer student guide
Visa Information

Current Student Schedule


  Monday - Thursday Friday
Level 1 to 4 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM Cultural field trips and other events.
  Lunch Break 01:00 - 02:00 PM  

Health insurance page for international students. 


Additional Features

  • Classes meet daily, Monday - Thursday
  • On some Saturdays or weekday evenings we offer excursions
  • International Student Health Insurance is not covered by the program cost
  • Semester Break trips planned by program

Bridge Program


  • enrolled in at least 4 credits of ESL
  • 3 credits of academic coursework

Below you will find links to important information that relates to our program such as costs, housing and course descriptions. If you have further questions about our program, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Upcoming Program Dates and fees
  • LTU ESL Institute Features

The academic curriculum focuses on all areas of language acquisition: grammar, reading, listening, conversation, writing, and communication skills. Students also take some elective classes. They may choose between Test Preparation (TOEFL) or Voice and Articulation depending on their level. There are 4 proficiency levels. There are 24 hours of class per week. 

Being a conversation partner to an international student is a great way to make international friendships and expand your horizons. Conversation partners meet with their student for 3 hours per week during the semester.


English Proficiency Policies

You must establish English language proficiency to enter an academic program. You can request that an official score report be delivered directly from the testing organization to LTU. The list of accepted tests and scores along with our English proficiency policies can be found below.

  • TOEFL Score of 70 or better on internet based testESL 2
  • IELTS score of 6.0 or better
  • MELAB score of 72 or better
  • MSUELT score of 73 or better
  • SAT (verbal section) score of 450 or better
  • ACT (reading section) score of 18 or better
  • LTU ESL completion of level 4 with C or better (for undergraduate and graduate admissions)


We reserve the right to request that students take an additional English placement test upon arrival if English skills do not appear to equal the submitted test scores.

If you have not taken an official test, you can take a proficiency exam when you arrive at LTU. If you pass the test, you can begin studying in your program. If you do not pass the exam, you can enroll in the LTU ESL Institute  to improve your English language skills.