Lawrence Tech provides one of the few programs that go beyond basic technical proficiency in the visual arts. Its programs are taught by award winning broadcast producers and writers who know how to develop content and turn it into evocative social media, broadcast programming, and life-changing messaging.” 

– Terrence Oprea, President and CEO, Mort Crim Communications Inc.

Are you looking to enhance your already dynamic degree and set yourself apart from other graduates? Do you want to work in an exciting, challenging, and fast-growing field? A minor or certificate in television and video production from Lawrence Technological University can give you the skills needed to take your career to the next level. In these unique programs, you can gain valuable expertise in camera technique, editing, writing, and producing. Both the minor and certificate programs feature a highly specialized curriculum – one that continues to evolve and reflect the ever-changing demands of the industry.


Why LTU?

news stationYour career goals are unique. Lawrence Tech’s minor and certificate in television and video production are tailored to fit your individual needs. The programs can prepare you:

• To acquire a superior theoretical, technical, creative, and ethical foundation that distinguishes you from other media specialists.

• To think critically. Lawrence Tech’s core curriculum features impressive background in literature, philosophy, and social sciences, helping you to develop exceptional communication and writing skills.

• To document your creative and technical ability in a video portfolio that represents your best original productions.

Whether you choose the 18-credit-hour minor or the 15-credit-hour certificate, you’ll benefit from one-on-one mentoring from dedicated faculty. Their expert knowledge of the industry can help you gain a solid technical foundation as well as valuable hands-on experiences. In keeping with Lawrence Tech’s motto of “theory and practice,” you will have access to the latest cutting-edge equipment and software. Internships are available, even at the freshmen level, further exposing you to the exciting world of broadcasting and even film.


Your program requires 15 or 18 credit hours, depending on the option chosen and consists of:

Minor in Television and Video Production   
Core Courses  15
   Introduction to Video Production   
   Writing for Electronic and Print Media   
   Camera for Broadcast   
   News Discovery and Radio Reporting   
   Video Editing   
Elective  3
Total Credit Hours  18
Certificate in Television and Video Production   
Core Courses  12
   Introduction to Video Production   
   Writing for Electronic and Print Media  
   Camera for Broadcast   
   News Discovery and Radio Reporting   
Elective  3
Total Credit Hours 15


Graduate with a Minor or Certificate in Television and Video Production have many career options: 


Getting Started

For  more information, contact Lawrence Tech's Office of Admissions at 800.CALL.LTU or For specific questions about the minor or certificate in television and video production, contact 248.204.3520 or