Poets are our original systems thinkers. Poets contemplate the life we live, interpret and coalesce material, and generate wisdom.” 

– Sidney Harmon, chief executive officer, Harmon International Industries

Graduates with a degree in English and the communication arts are among the most versatile in the job market today. Proficiency in writing and the knowledge of literature and the other humanities combined with experience in a variety of communication media can prepare you for a broad spectrum of career opportunities. Lawrence Technological University’s english and communication arts degree can also give you a strong foundation for advanced graduate study in law and the humanities.



english and communication arts majorAs an English and communication arts major, you may carve out a career as a writer, editor, broadcaster, or an advertising, publishing, or public relations professional – career paths traditionally associated with this course of study. Or, you may become a teacher or professor, lawyer, film or television director, or a producer, politician, actor, or nonprofit fund raiser – the list of options is virtually limitless.

Why English and Communication Arts at Lawrence Tech?

As a technological university, Lawrence Tech is in a unique position to offer you exposure to disciplines that you may not encounter in a traditional liberal arts college setting. Familiarity with disciplines such as architecture and design, management, the sciences, and engineering in combination with the traditional humanities will give you a distinct advantage in today’s technologically driven job market.    

In addition to your formal academic preparation, you’ll have opportunities to participate in artistic, literary, and dramatic productions with Lawrence Tech’s student arts organization, the Artists’ Guild, which also produces the student-edited literary and arts journal, Prism, and the Society of Dramatic Arts. In keeping with Lawrence Tech’s hallmark blending of theory and practice, you will work closely with your advisor to obtain two internships tailored to your interests. One during your sophomore year, and the other during your senior year, these internships provide you valuable hands-on experience in companies and organizations in need of employees with strong oral and written communication skills.


Your 122-credit-hour program consists of:

Literature/Humanities (with emphasis on leadership) 35
Communications/Creative Writing 34
Social Sciences/Psychology 18
Foreign Language 6
Mathematics/Science 14
Internships/Electives 15
Total 122

Courses include Aesthetics, American Literature, Collaborative Communication, Creative Writing, English Literature, Ethics, Interpersonal and Nonverbal Communication, Literary Criticism, Modern Poetry, Presentation Media, Rhetoric and Logic, Shakespeare, Speech, Writing Creative Nonfiction, and Writing Short Stories, and a variety of literature electives, including Literature into Film, Mythology, and Modern World Literature.

Graduates with a degree in English and communication arts have many career options:

Market Research
Public Relations
Writing/editing (film, marketing, technical, television, radio, Web)

Getting Started

For more information, including information for transfer and international students, contact Lawrence Tech’s Office of Admissions at 800.CALL.LTU or admissions@ltu.edu. For specific questions about the English and communication arts degree program, contact Lawrence Tech’s Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Communication at 248.204.3520 or humchair@ltu.edu.