Adjunct Faculty Office: S110
Phone: (248) 204-3509
Office hours by appointment




Ms. Paula Anderanin

Ms. Abir Awada

Mr. John Baker 

Mr. Douglass Bennett

Ms. Sarah Berri

Ms. L. Christine Blackwell

Ms. Zsa-Zsa Booker

Dr. Ludger Brinker

Ms. Carrie Broaderman

Ms. Patricia Clees

Mr. Anthony Coratti

Mr. Scott Corp

Mr. Brian Craigo

Mr. Serge Danielson-Francois

Mr. Benjamin Dettmar

Ms. Colleen Dillon 

Ms. Claudia Duranceau

Ms. Pauline Edward

Ms. Karen Evans

Mr. Ty Faulkner

Dr. Louis Finkelman

Ms. Suzanne Finlay

Ms. Anna Maria Flores

Ms. Stacha Floyd

Ms. Cindy Frenkel

Ms. Jennifer Fry

Ms. Aviva Gordon

Ms. Leigh Grant

Mr. Daniel Hackett

Ms. Stephanie Hall-Sturgis

Ms. Jame Hobart

Mr. Thomas Hopkins

Mr. Jason Hoskins

Ms. Dana Hughes

Ms. Alanna Jackson 

Ms. Ragette Jawad-Abushaar

Ms. Katie Jolly

Ms. Marlene Kler

Mr. Douglass Koch

Ms. Michelle Kustarz

Ms. Giulia Lampis

Ms. April Mack

Mr. Stephen Maiseloff

Ms. Patricia Martz

Ms. Megan Mirza

Ms. Sara Molloy

Mr. Daniel Mulder

Mr. Keith Nagara 

Mr. Christopher Nation 

Mr. Richard Nunez Jr.

Ms. Gail Offen

Ms. Mignone Orr

Mr. Raymond Page 

Ms. Rebekah Phillips 

Mr. Roop Raj (Shrivastava)

Mr. Matthew Randall

Ms. Teresa Revels

Ms. Sarah Roscoe

Mr. Randy Schantz

Dr. Mirit Shamir

Mr. Mgrdich Sirabionian

Mr. James Justin Sledge

Mrs. Beth Swantek

Mr. Phillip Swantek

Ms. Mary Lou Theisen

Ms. VaNessa Thompson

Ms. Sharon Wallace

Mr. Mike Ward

Ms. Donna Watson 

Mr Daniel Weiss

Ms. Anna West

Ms. Stephanie Wilhelm

Ms. Lea Wojiciechowski



Adjunct Faculty

Select a link from the faculty listed at the left. If the instructor you are looking for is not on this list, please consult the Full-Time Faculty page. You may also contact the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Communication at 248-204-3520, or send e-mail to