Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, + Communication

The Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Communication exemplifies Lawrence Technological University’s College of Arts and Sciences’ mission to foster creative minds and critical thinkers through effective teaching and real world experiences.

LTU offers you a substantial assortment of courses from:

  • Victorian and Modern Literature
  • Broadcast Studio Technique
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Business Law

The diverse course work takes you beyond the classroom, whether it is a study abroad trip to Paris or the set of a newsroom – giving you the experience you need in today’s competitive working world.


  • LTU prof gets two grants for robotics and entrepreneurial education

    A Lawrence Technological University assistant professor of biomedical engineering has been awarded two new grants – one to explore touch-sensitive feedback in robots, and another to expand entrepreneurial education in biotech. Mansoor Nasir is principal investigator on a $50,000 grant from the DENSO North Americ...

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    Nov 21

    Collecting Detroit

    Brinker poster (1).png

    For many collectors, the collecting experience is a voyage of discovery -- in Ludger Brinker's case a learning process by which he re-imagined the art culture as it has existed in the city of Detroit from the 1920s onward. As a consequence, the focus is on an abiding sense of place and time -- the land, the waters, the industry, the grit of the city as it has been documented by Detroit-area artists both widely recognized and obscure. In this Idea Factory Presentation, Dr. Brinker will offer a collector's perspective on the history of regionalist art as practiced by Detroit artists.

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    Nov 8

  • Global Village Poetry Reading


    For the second year running, Dr. Paul Jaussen organized a multilingual poetry reading.  A part of LTU's Global Village, this reading highlights the linguistic diversity of the LTU campus.  This year's event featured 22 student, faculty, and staff readers representing 12 different languages.  

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    Oct 17